LVIX - Indianna's Plan

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"Whatever stories you have heard about me... They aren't all true."

"I've witnessed your horror first hand," I said slowly and watched as his beautiful eyes darkened.

"I promise you that the next time you scream my name will be when you're in my bed, panting, naked and begging for more."


A girl with a huge secret that came in the form of two adorable two year olds.

A powerful Alpha with secrets of his own.


What happens when an Alpha finds out his rejected mate gave birth to his children?

Hate, laughs, hysteria, romance, some baby sick, many secrets and a hell of a lot of drama.

Can love be found between a heartless Alpha and his rejected mate?

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The room was tense and Greyson had his arms wrapped tightly around Indianna. She was shaking like a leaf and was pretty certain that she would fall to the floor if Greyson was to let go of her.

"Dispose of it," Greyson said sternly, looking at Kal, Ace and Oscar. "Kal, you stay."

Greyson hoped that maybe one of Kal's stupid comments could lighten Indianna's mood.

Kal passed the box to Ace and wiped his hands on his trousers.

"Oscar, try getting a scent," Greyson ordered and Oscar and Ace disappeared. Greyson then turned his attention to Indianna and cupped her face, trying to get her to focus on him. "Indie," he said softly. Indianna's eyes were blank and she was staring at Greyson's chest. "Sugar," he said a little more sternly and tilted her head back. "Look at me. And don't even think about kneeing me in the balls again."

Indianna blinked slowly. "After everything you've done you probably deserved it," she said, her voice void of any emotion.

Greyson couldn't help but chuckle. "True." He softly stroked Indianna's cheek and kissed her forehead. "Sit down, sugar."

When Indianna made no effort to move Greyson gently pushed her over to the armchair and made her sit down. He crouched in front of her and took her hands in his. Indianna immediately looked to where Greyson's hand was accidentally touching the scar on her wrists and she pulled her hands to her chest, her eyes filling with a fresh set of tears.

"He's evil," she whispered. "And he seems to be able to get to us anywhere. Get to me."

"It's all mental," Greyson said. "He's messing with your head because it's the only way he can get to you. He wouldn't dare show his face, he's too outnumbered and that's good. He will never physically get to you, Indie."

Indianna closed her eyes and pulled her knees up to her chest. "I want him dead."

Greyson felt slightly uncomfortable hearing Indianna say something like that. She was so serious and it made Greyson angry. Indianna wasn't a cruel person, she didn't go around wanting people to die, but Rogue was making her have these thoughts. It infuriated Greyson even more.

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