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Pen Your Pride


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4:45 PM.

Minwoo glanced at his watch again to reconfirm the time and tucked it underneath his long sleeved shirt. He looked out his office window; the street outside was busy again, more than ever. People passed by each other, hurrying towards their destinations. Nobody really cared for anyone. Minwoo sighed at the scene and massaged his nape, feeling the muscles contract. He cringed as pain shot through his veins; he was leaning in too much that day and staring at his computer screen more than usual. This was supposed to happen. What did Kate te-

Minwoo shook his head, cleared it from any more thoughts coming into him in successions. He picked up his phone from his table, snatched his attache case from his chair, and hurriedly left his office. He barely waved to everyone else, all he was thinking off was to escape the office, lest he think of her again.

When he got to the lobby, he slowed down a bit, feeling pain on his muscles again, here and there, he couldn't even point to what part of his body anymore. He's been working too hard these days he must've finished all reports even for next year. He's not usually like this, but what with the current situation...

Minwoo shook his head again, and berated himself for thinking over and over and over again of things he should start to forget. He slowly made his way out of the office, then he waved to people he knew, and out into the sunlight and the busy bussle of the street infront of his office. He didn't bring his car today, because his fiancee Amy decided to walk to their offices that day. Just random thinking, she said. He'd usually argue about it, but these days, he just let everything slide. He's not that kind of person but, there are things he's just...too weak to fight for right now.

He crossed the street and turned on the next one, he looked around and saw that almost everyone's outside at the moment; probably because office hours is officially over. He moved through the crowd without much thought and crossed another street, he turned on the third one and stopped.

He looked at the pedestrian crossing like it was a ghost from his past. He could feel his blood slowly draining from his face as he stared at the white lines marked on the street for people to safely cross. He couldn't see anything else but that, even if there were so many people crossing it now. He tried to clear his thoughts before more came, but it was all too late. They were all there.

He could see her as she stood at the other side of the lane. Sunglasses perched on top of her nose, her hair loose, following the slow breeze of the wind. She had her favorite purple trench coat, and her boots. He was trying to block her from his view as Amy talked on and on and on about something he couldn't quite catch.

Amy was laughing.

He laughed, not knowing why he was laughing.

Kate was ready to cross.

Minwoo stared, ignoring more of Amy's talk.

Kate looked up and saw him, them. She stopped on her tracks, eyes wide and slightly seen on her lightly colored shades.

Minwoo shook his head towards her, eyes wide with shock.

'Minwoo? No? Then we'd go somewhere else then!' Amy said giggling. Minwoo looked at her startled and nodded. Amy goes back to telling her story, whatever it was.

Kate walked towards them, crossing the street.

He could smell her scent even from that distance. He could feel the warmth of her skin, the softness, the realness. He could sense her emotions, chaotic, conflicted, hurt.

She's almost right beside him now.

She's right beside him now.

Minwoo's breath literally stops as Kate's warmth enveloped him like an embrace he longed for for so long. He reached for her hands immediately, squeezing it, loving the feel of it on his, loving the way it still fit his perfectly, because that's where it's meant to be. He let's go immediately, not glancing at Kate even once, afraid that if he did, he will break and run towards her, as he very well knows, waiting arms.

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