She's Confident - jelena story

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"Hey Nice Song Choice"

On my last year of school I decided I wanted to be someone, I wanted people to know my name and not just known as 'That girl WHO?'. I was determined to be known in the public eye!!

But first I needed to work out my strengths and weaknesses...

I was a huge Justin fan, he was my world, my idol and a HUGE sex god.

I suppose he was my strength and my weakness, I wanted more than anything to become famous and gain his attention, but how?

I knew exactly what to do...

I was a pretty good singer and I was great at writing lyrics, I needed to get noticed, this was going to be hard but it was a challenge I was willing to except...

I found myself a Saturday job, working in Taco Bell. I had pretty decent pay, considering I was only a waitress. Tips from customers help out a lot. I have been saving to buy myself some studio time, so I can record a demo to fulfil my dream of being a pop singer.

I'm now on my way to the studio with my best friend, Millie. We've known each other for thirteen years now, we've been friends ever since kindergarten. She's the person I can tell everything to, she's been there for me when no one else has. I don't know what I'd do without her, she's like a sister to me, I've got her back and she's got mine. I'm so glad she has agreed to come to the studio with me, she supports me through everything, She's honestly the best...

We approached the big glass double doors, lightly patterned with finger and hand prints, which lead me into the lobby of Jan Smith Studios.

I had never heard of this place but it was recommended when I typed into google search bar 'Recording studios in LA' this was closest to my house so I gave it a shot it seemed to have pretty good reviews.

Me and Millie stood in awe.

Millie flicked her long blonde curly hair round to her shoulder and whispered...

"Where do we go now"

I walked up to a middle aged women sitting behind the recently polished wooden front desk, typing away at her computer. She was dressed in a tight, black frock with a navy blue sweater. Her shiny brown hair was neatly put up into a bun and she had a few strands of curled hair that fell in front of her glasses, which she quickly tucked behind her ear. Millie slowly shuffled behind me, I guess you could say I'm quite confident when it comes to meeting new people.

"Hi, my name is Selena, I've booked a studio room for an hour. I called last Thursday."

The women slowly peered at me over the frame of her glasses.

"Hi Selena, you're just on time. You're going to be recording in studio room 4. It's just down that hall over there"

She smiled sweetly at me and Millie and directed us to the hallway to the right.

The door to the studio creaked as I opened it. Me and Millie walked into the room to find a recording booth, a couple of sofas and a tanned, dark haired, young man, sitting in a swivel chair at the mixer desk. He spun the chair round and greeted us with a big grin.

"Yo, I'm Cole, how's it going?"

He extended his arm and flicked his hand towards us for me and Millie to shake, which of course, we did.

"Hey, I'm Selena!"

I confidently replied.

",I'm Millie"

She quickly said and looked down at her red scruffy converse.


I was half an hour in, recording my third cover, Catching Feelings, by my idol, Justin Bieber. It's my favourite song off of his album 'Believe'. The lyrics are so beautiful. He's voice is angelic. I get shivers down my spine every time I hear the introduction.

Starting on the second verse of the song I sang.

"In my head we're already together,

I'm good alone, but with you

I'm better"

Then I heard the familiar creak of the door open from behind me. Assuming it was Millie coming back with some beverages, I carried on singing.

"Oh, sorry wrong room....

Hey nice song choice"

I paused and spun my head round swiftly to find a tall boy with tanned skin, hazel eyes and perfectly groomed hair that spiked up at the front.

I gasped, my vision went blurry and my jaw dropped to the ground. As I saw my idol, Justin Bieber standing in the door way, gazing from across the room at me.

"Y-you're... Oh my gosh... You're J-Justin!"

*Authors note:

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. We've got some big ideas for the next one, should be realised in a couple of days. Feel free to comment what you think😊

Twitter names: @PerfectSelena_x & @BiebsMahone_x

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