Welcome to the new THD sequel - The Hogwarts Diaries - Marauder's Era.

SOOOOOO... you probably all hate me right now! I'm so sorry :( I really wanted to tell you yesterday!!!! But Bambey wasn't on and we had one result to finalise! I still haven't found her!!! Where are you Bambey?! Come back to us!!!

And I feel so bad! Soooo..........

I will let you know ONE now! Aren't you lucky?!


Ok, this was a mutual decision, so I know for sure this one is a definite and I can spill without making a mistake! When we were deciding we both came up with a list of our top five entries, and then compared our results! This was someone we both had on our lists and we had a number of reasons:

1) She was very original - she had an original crush, personality and storyline!

2) She seemed very passionate and enthusiastic about this project!

3) Her quote was rather amusing, if I do say so myself!

4) She was generally fantastic so we'd love to write with her!

@Jeshhy - we would love if you could come and write The Hogwarts Diaries - Marauder's Era with us!

Lots of love and well done!!! Stargirlx27 and Bambey (when she returns from the Vanishing Cabinet she's mysteriously fallen into) xXx

Soooo! Bambey is back and we shall announce the next result noooow!!! 

*drumroll please ;)*

We loved your character! She's awesome! We think she's really dynamic and definitley original. She's cute but wicked too, and we liked the progression she's going through! However we did want to ask if she would switch to Ravenclaw house as she seemed to fit in better there? Possibility? Let us know! We want to welcome you @RaisingCain to THD-ME!!! 


The THIRD result to be announced was one that after a little discussion we both agreed was fantastic! It's gonna be a pleasure fighting with you over dear Sirius Black. She seems wonderful and very detailed! We think you'll be a great asset to the project. So welcome aboard @HomeInMyHeart 


Fourth entrant was a little harder to decide because there were so many fantastic entries to the competition! We couldn't believe the response we got from you guys! We knew THD had some firm followers but some of you are very quiet - please speak to us! We love hearing from you as you may be able to tell!!!!!

So... deciding between... four of you guys, I think, became quite difficult! We spent a lot of time deliberating and finally decided on this person because she is an awesome writer; she had a great character and her enthusiasm was just amazing! Now...we have a tiny thing - could she perhaps like Remus instead of Sirius? Or does that even matter now Bambey? I think we may have sorted it anyway :L If anything needs sorting, we'll see you on the discussion page - @BibiFatti