Teaser 3

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“Yeah, right. I should tell Obsidian and Loreaux how you want to entwine your tail with Rose’s in the mating ceremony.” Jade teased.

Embarrassed or not, Pyre had had enough of Jade. He growled low in his throat and rammed his head into her side pressing her into the cave wall. “I don’t like that freak! If you tell anyone I do, I promise I’ll rip every scale off your body one at a time!”

His rant over, he turned and stormed out of the cave. Instead of his usual exhilarating free fall, he simply spread his wings and vanished from sight.

His flight took him to the large hot spring. He did not just land, he swan dove into the boiling water. When he surfaced, he let his body roll onto his back and floated, using his tail as a propeller.

He had been floating for a few hours; the hot spring was his favorite place to be, especially when it was empty. He never saw the black tail snake around his foot, but he felt the tug that yanked him under the water’s surface.

He came up sputtering and gasping for air, and it took him a few minutes to hear the melodic laughter coming from the female beside him.

“Obsidian!” Pyre exclaimed in shock.

She let her sleek ebony frame float over to him as she continued to giggle. “I’m sorry Pyre. But that was just too easy!”

He huffed and turned his back to her as his tail swished angrily.

Obsidian swam up beside him and wrapped her tail with his before placing a soft lick to the corner of his maw. “Aww Pyre, don’t be such a sour puss... Though I must say, you’re kinda cute when you pout.”

“Hmmpf!” Was all Pyre replied as he drifted away from her.

“You better not be breaking up with me, Pyre Drakul!” Obsidian called, a hint of actual panic laced in her voice.

It was his turn to chuckle. “I’m angry, not stupid Sidian.”

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