Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - Nadia's POV

Warmth blew across Nadia's face, forming a frown on it. Warm air, in the middle of winter? Shakily, she opened her eyes and blinked back the dark waves threatening to pull her under. A wolf, Nadia registered, the beast was a giant, ferocious wolf. Staring into those haunting yellow eyes, Nadia bit back a scream as she looked into the eyes of a killer. Her father's killer to be exact, Nadia thought with a shiver as she fought to stay concious. Moving slightly in an attempt to show bravery, or better yet lessen the pain in her wrists as the ties dug deeper, Nadia caused a low but threatening snarl to eascape the beast.

 Frozen, she blinked rapidly at the monster and weighed the pros and cons of staying concious. Although the braver Nadia screamed to fight the darkness and stare into those eyes until her last breath, the frightened and weak Nadia begged to rest and hide from the pain that was sure to come. Nadia's head lolled to the side as loss of the scarlet streams down her arm drained her energy. As Nadia let the dark waves spill into her vision, the eyes of the beast watched her.

A wolf.

No, a boy.

No, Nadia moaned in pain, both.

The "Beast's" POV

As the girl fainted, he approached and inspected her. After circling a few times he sniffed her bound wrists and finally traveled down to her face and neck. They would even sacrifice their own women to protect themselves, scoffed the beast as he huffed out a breath. Large brown eyes opened and blinked disoriently at him as he surveyed his "offering". 

The small movement coaxed a deadly snarl to rip threw him as the wolf narrowed his eyes at her unwavering stare. Realization, fear, uncertainty, sadness, loss, and determination all swirled in the brown orbs before him but they were ignored. 

As he assessed what to do, her head fell to the side her a glassy film seemed to engulf those hypnotic eyes. Growling to himself, he regained composure and realized that the rope was causing blood to flow freely, blood the others must have assumed would draw him into taking this "gift".

Groaning, a ripple passed through the muscled wolf and he stood upright, staring into the closing brown eyes. She had to be taken to camp, he determined as he flipped out a small pocket knife from the bundle tied to his ankle. 

Ropes cut, the man, or wolf, gritted his teeth as the girl moaned in pain. Ignoring his inner reactions, he roughly threw the still semi-bound girl over his shoulder and began the trek into the slowly wakening forest. 


Nadia's POV

I'm alive, Nadia thought immdeiatly in wonder as she blinked. The light in the room was barely enough to help her distiguish it from the darkness of her eyelids, but it was enough for her to discover that she was in fact alive. Nadia didn't waste a second wondering why she might be alive, she simply relished in her beating heart.

After a few moments, Nadia realized that although the ropes were gone and she seemed to have stopped bleeding, she was tied again. Softer bindings held her her to a chair, her ankles still tied with the ropes from earlier and the gag still in place. 

"Don't move too much or they will come back," whispered a soft voice, alerting Nadia to the presence of one other girl. Nadia squinted to make out the small figure in a chair a few feet away who looked no older than thirteen. The painted markings down her arm identified her as from Nadia's neighboring village.  Before Nadia could take anything else in or attempt to question the girl, a large door swung open and the shadows of large figures filed in. Two  bright lights shown down onto the two girls and Nadia shut her eyes painfully.

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