Living with the Bentley Boys.

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I haaven't reaad any of the other books like Living with the Walter or Walker boys just wanted to clear it up before I started writing. If there are any similarities it will be a coincidence I swear I'm not copying anyone else's work!

Apart from that I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think! :) xx



            The words were darted at me as soon as I step foot into the canteen, I thought about turning back but there was no point in it. Wherever I was the words would still be yelled at me. It would hurt; the things they said. It would make me tear up a little and looked down in shame while they laughed. Finally after three years of listening to it, I'd had enough; they couldn't get to me anymore. I just wouldn't let them. I would try to ignore their harsh words and homework demands or try to fight back.

            I the official social outcast had a couple of friends, but they didn't really count. The way my school worked was that the hottest girls got everything, if you had the looks you could have what ever you wanted. I on the other hand wasn't pretty; I was no cheerleader or the head bitch in charge. The one and only thing I did have though was a brain ... but no one cared.

            Lowering my head I made trudged through the jam-packed lunchroom too purchase my lunch. My hands were tucked into my trouser pockets and my hoodie was zipped up, the hood covering my face. A familiar fragrance was blown my way as the memories played through my head, tears pricked in my eyes, but I squeezed them shut refusing to let them fall. It was my Mum's favorite perfume. I wouldn’t cry, I’d promised myself.

           "Oi! Four eyes move out the way, I want to buy lunch," a shrill voice squealed behind me. I rolled my eyes, just about ready to punch her pretty face, when I recalled the promise I'd made to Dad about staying out of trouble. He was already frazzled as it was trying to bring me up on his own, he didn't need any more on his plate.

            "You can wait like everyone else." I replied quietly. I turned around slowly too see her looking at me with her eyes widened. Meet Shelly Griffin the Queen Bee or at least in her mind she was.

            "Oh listen babe, can you hear anything?" She chuckled, turning to face her boyfriend, or should I say flavour of the week? She tiptoed up and pressed her lips too his kissing him hungrily. "Sounds like a peasant is trying to speak." She smirked; He shot me an apologetic look before following her highness to the front of the lunch line.

            "History Assignment on the First World War- do it by Friday." Somebody yelled and before I knew it a large textbook was thrown in my direction, I dodged just in time as it hit the white walls with a THUMP! It had missed my face by a mere inch. It slid to the ground, its pages fluttering. I turned my head and what a surprise, it had come from the direction of the popular table- a circular table in the middle of the canteen where only jocks and cheerleaders sat. The same table where her royal highness sat laughing her butt off.

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