Stranded on Jules Island

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Here are the characters

Name: Marissa (make up the last name)

Eyes: Blue/Grey

Hair: Blonde

Personality: Quiet, thoguthful, gets along with mostly anyone

Looks: average build, braces, and dresses VERY casually. Like jeans and t-shirts

Scars: none

(Created by MMullins16)

Name: Michelle

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Personality: Strongwilled,Brave, Clever, A Leader

Looks: Dark skin,skinny

Scars: none

(Created by playful52)

Name: Sapphire Green

Eyes: Light Blue

Hair: A light blond, gold color

Personality: She is a sweet, carefree girl looking for adventure. But she never expected to get stranded, and now she has no idea what to do or how to get off the island.. D:

Looks: Average height, hopelessly skinny and very light skin, almost pale.

Scars: One on her wrist from a bike accident a few years ago, that never really went away…

(Created by Music4Ever22)

Name: Sky Gold

Eyes: Sky blue

Hair: golden blond

Personality: energetic with some smarts

Looks: medium weight, light skin tone, average height, plaid skirt with black tights under, and a blue shirt

Scars: none

(created by skygold)

Name: Joshua (Josh-U-Ah)

Eyes: Electric blue

Hair: So dark brown, that it looks almost black

Personality: He’s a little mean, and likes to make fun of everyone. He demands peers call him Josh, and he’s pretty much a bully..But when he gets on the island, things get tough for him, when he refuses to help… (Just some ideas)

Looks: He’s a little taller than average, maybe 5’7, but he’s not a giant either. He has very olive skin, almost black as well. (Trying not to be racist here. xD )

Scars: He has many all over his body from fights, including one over his eyebrow, almost on it from a huge fight that included a black eye. He doesn’t like to talk about it though, any anyone who tries to bring it up will get bullied…

(Created by Music4Ever22) (HE HAS BIG ROLE)

name: Renneth

eyes: bright green

hair: kind of sandy brown, a dark shade though

personality: he likes music, always singing songs by bands no one has heard of (genre= indie rock hence my profile name. 100 Monkeys) he’s nice and very helpful.

Looks: jeans and t-shirts, square toed boots, he’s not like a tooth pick but he’s not built or fat, he’s like in the middle of built and thin, he’s flat stomached. ???

scars: he has no scars he’s too pretty

(Created by 100Monkeys Junkie) (HE DOESN'T HAVE AS BIG A ROLE)

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