Getting Back To a Routine. Part 64

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" You would do that?" He quietly asked me with a bit of a frown on his face.

" Yes I would." I said to him as I leaned back against my chair. With Reid picking me up and carrying him around the place a lot, my strength has returned a lot quicker than usual. Plus I think he likes to carry me about because it gives him a legitimate reason to put his hands on me. Something he really likes to do I have noticed.

" If you can guarantee that Angela is gone for the duration of the construction, you can have the contract back, but revised." I offered to him another chance. 

" I'll get right on to it and get back to you when she is gone. Again, I apologise." He said to me quietly as he stood up brushing his jeans with his hands before stepping forward to offer his hand to me. 

I slowly looked at it before I hesitantly reached out to shake it very very briefly. 

" I will look forward to hearing from you shortly then Mr Duggan." I said to him with a small smile. Not the kind I share with those who I consider to be either a friend or family member. But one I consider a stranger. especially after what he did to Barb. 

" Reid, can you please show Mr Duggan out the door please?" I called out to my husband who slowly straightened away from the door and walked across the room waving Mr Duggan over to the door and out of my sight, thank goodness. 

I wasn't joking that last time when I shook his hand in the diner that first time. Anything that came in contact with Angela really did make me feel dirty, so I slowly got to my feet and hobbled across the room to grab for one of the wipes that Jen keeps stocked throughout various area's of the house because of the kids who might need them for some reason.

I was just wiping my hands when Reid came back into the room and was quick to swoop me off my feet causing me to squeal and hurriedly wrap my arms around his neck quick smart to hold on as my feet left the floor. 

Then I noticed that Reid started to walk me out of the room and down along the corridor toward the back suite where we have been staying since coming back. Reid didn't want me to stress physically about going up and down stairs which could cause me a problem. Especially if I lose my grip and fall down the stairs. Which nearly happened once or twice.

So after entering our room, he lifted a foot and kicked the door shut before walking across to toss me down onto the bed where I bounced a few times before I felt Reid slowly lower himself over the top of me as he was also gently lowering himself down to trap my body beneath his much larger one.

" Mr Joifield. I have the impression that you are after something from me." I said up to him with a smile as I lifted my arms to wrap them around his neck again, slowly sliding my fingers through the locks of hair that were drifting down and over the collar of his shirt.

Of course as I looked up at him with him gazing down at me with this very predatorial smile on his face, I noticed that his hair was fairly long now with it at least a inch or more below his collar. So it was also falling frown across his forehead and hanging down over his face and dangling a little just tickling my own face. He looked like a man that looked like he was about to enjoy a steak that had been put before him as if he was a starving man.

" Are you sure you know what you're doing where Duggan is concerned?" He quietly asked me as he adjusted his body as he moved a little to the side on me, taking most of his weight with him, resting on his forearm with one leg nudged between my own with his free hand laying across my stomach. 

" Duggan and his company are good. Damn good. His records are impeccable.It's just a shame that he has allowed Angela to interfere with it and cause a few problems. From what I understand, Angela caused a bit of a kerfuffle with a few of the wives of his business associates at a few business dinners which in turn caused a few problems that the men involved had to deal with before they could get on with the job. Plus she decided to involve herself with color schemes and furnishings for the centres. Something she has no business in being involved in. So Duggan wants to remove her for the duration or I will, permanently." I said to him as he was lightly rubbing my stomach with his hand as well as running it up and down my thigh as my outer leg was curled up and across his leg. 

" Then I will just have to support you, won't I?" He said just before he leaned down and lay his warm and searching lips against my own causing a few tingles to erupt from within me as he took my breath away with this tongue curling kiss.

I began to thoroughly enjoy these moments of ours when we can get together and make our relationship stronger in this very intimate way as couples usually do. I didn't realise that Reid had undone my blouse and unbuttoned my skirt until I felt his hand running across my bare midriff.

A moment later, we felt something suddenly jolt us which caused Reid to fall a little onto me with a grunt.

" Gamma kiss Andy too?" We suddenly heard our grandson ask as he bounced over the top of his grandfather while looking down at us with this cherubic looking grin on his face. Reid twisted his head to look at the boy over his shoulder.

I angled my head to look up at the innocent looking little smiling boy before feeling Reid drop his head to my shoulder in a long drawn out groan.

" I know, alright." I whispered back to him with a groan as well as I patted the mans shoulder the little boy wasn't drooling over.

" Andy. Where are you, you little scamp. Have you sneaked off to play with Gamma again? She needs a bit of a .. oh my lord. I'm so sorry." I heard Aunt Patrice say before squealing out when she suddenly walked into our room to see the lovely sight of me under Reid half naked with Andy bouncing on the top of his equally near naked grandfather.

"Oh my. I'll just grab the boy and leave you two to.. err.. umm.. Never mind. Andy, come here love. I have a biscuit for you out in the kitchen." Aunt Patrice went on to say which had Andy then squeal in excitement before he used his elbows and knees jabbing his grandfather as he was scrambling about to reach out for his great grandmother so he could get that treasured biscuit. Something we know he actually likes. 

Poor Reid was holding in some groans and grunts with each move that Andy made and we just stayed still in each others arms on the bed while we waited for the door to shut once again before moving. Then I felt Reid shuddering. I knew what that was and what it meant. 

He was trying not to laugh the poor man. 

" You do realise that we got more action in that damn tent out on Teddy and Donna's place for those few days than anywhere else." He was saying between chuckles. 

" Maybe once we get out to our place, we can do something a bit more than snuggling up with each other." I suggested to him with my eyebrows raised a few times at him. 

He was just about to say something when his phone rang. 

Moving himself and untangling our limbs from each other, he carefully rolled over and grabbed the phone which he dropped onto the bedside table. 

" Reid speaking." He said into the phone and then I watched as he fully sat up pushing himself away from me and after listening to whoever was speaking, he turned to look at me.

" Yes.. We'll be there in a couple of hours. Yeah, I know... See you then." Was all I heard before he ended the call. 

" That was Micah. he and Jill want us up there asap." He said to me with a frown. 

" Why?" I asked him as I slowly say up dragging my clothes around me as I sat up on the side of the bed. 

" It's to do with those ledgers. It looks like someone has been looking for them for decades." He said which had me looking at him thoughtfully. 

I wondered what it was about and why someone would be looking for them after all these years. 

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