Getting Back To a Routine. Part 64

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5th January 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I hate secrets. Someone always gets hurt. So far, we have found quite a few of the darn things which have hurt members of the Joifield family.

Those were the accidents that seemed to befall the one's who carry the Joifield name. At least that was what Florence wrote in one of her entries with regards those ledgers that she found in Agnes room before the fire that occurred at her parents estate.

I was so hoping to get back into some kind of routine such as I had before, but it didn't work out that way at all. I have decided that jet lag is not a friend to me. Maybe if I had been a regular flyer it might have made a difference, but I wasn't. But I tried to get the normal daily routine going, but I was just too tiring for me.

I stayed with Reid at his house, which was now Jack's, and waited for Barb to arrive back. They were stopping at Micah and Jill's first before driving down here to us which wasn't really that far by car, if you were healthy and young without any disabilities.

It's about a six hour drive.

Anyway, we stayed and waited for them and for whatever news it was that they had brought with them. Not that they haven't told us anything about it, just that it was something they found in those ledgers. Of course there was also the bit of news that I had found about Florence's parents that I had emailed off to Joy as soon as I found out.

The bit about Sebastian that is. Joy is going to check out the family seat in England and see who the latest Lord is that holds it after Sebastian died. Maybe a trip to England might me in order after this is all finished.

She had a friend in the UK who was following up on it as well. It was all exciting passing along the information we have all been gathering about this family of ours now.

Joy mentioned in a call we had with her last night that Dorn's men had found out a few more bits of the puzzle too. One they found was that of the little baby that had been buried under the name of Thomas Avery Joifield. They had found that there was no DNA connection to any of the Joifield's what so ever. So the DNA they collected has now been kept on file with that of every one else associated with this researching of this family.

I wondered who were the parents of that baby. Someone would have had to know something.

Anyway, Carlson Duggan had come around to see me and Reid. he apologised for the actions of his mother as well as Angela. I noticed a few times that he was briefly looking around the place as if searching for something, or someone.

" She's not here yet." I whispered to him when Reid left the room for a moment when he heard little Andy scream in pain. Even i was startled when I heard the blood curdling scream emanate from the back of the house. 

" Oh." Was all he said as he looked down at his hands that were clasped together between his knees.

" I warned you long before you were offered the contract that Angela was to be kept right out of it. Did you not listen or can you not control her where your business is concerned?" I asked him feeling annoyed at having to look for someone else to finish the job. Unless Duggan can pull his act together.

I sat back and thought about it for a while which was actually a moment or two.

" Does your mother live locally?" I asked him which had his head brought up rather quickly to look at me with a questioning look.

" Why?" he abruptly asked me probably wondering where I was going with this line of thought.

" If she doesn't, why don't you send Angela with her for a while and I'll reconsider giving you back the contract." I offered to him knowing very well that Reid was leaning against the door frame on the other side of the room.

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