« Gang Wars » Chapter 01: In the Mix

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█ SUMMARY: Lillian Cross is walking on Hazard Street in the middle of the night to get on her way home. But on her way there, a gang fight breaks out in the middle of the city, and she is unable to find her way out of the mess.

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After a long study session at a friend's house, Lillian Cross, age sixteen and a half, takes a shortcut from her friend's house through Hazard Street to get home. Lillian checked her quartz watch to only find that it was extremely late, 1:49 in the morning to be exact. She began to power walk on the sidewalk shrugging her Gucci bag on her shoulder. She fought against the wind which was roaring her to stop and take refuge, but she ushered forward wanting to get home as soon as possible. The wind kept running through her long raven hair and pushing the strands onto her porcelain face.

"Dang it! I hate the wind!" she said to herself, "It's so cold that I'm freezing to death."

She kept walking and walking until she reached the intersection. She stopped close to the street light and inched closer to it. Lillian was about to use her numb fingers to press the pedestrian walk button until she heard a very loud...gun shot. She jumped at the sound and franticly looked around.

"Where in the world did that come from?" She asked herself.

Then she heard a shout saying, "Always and forever! The HELLHOUNDS!" and a couple of cars floated towards the middle of the intersection, shooting franticly at each other. Lillian crouched down on her knees behind the street light pole, afraid of getting caught in the mess. More cars came up, like some Mercedes, BMW's, Sedans, and other sporty yet expensive cars tailed the first two cars that came upfront and surrounded the two with a circle of cars.

People came out of the circling cars in red and black clothing. Half of them proudly boasted their tattoo engraved on their arms. All of them though pulled out some sort hand held gun, or a pistol, and pointed it at the two cars in the middle.

"Oh shit... I should stop staring at the beautiful cars and get the hell out of here." Lillian thought to herself. "But how do I do that? If I walk back where I first began, they're bound to see me."

"You dogs, give them a bus ticket home." The leader said.

The gangster howled and readily shot their opposition. Lillian covered her ears and closed her eyes hoping the image would disappear soon enough. The bullet broke the window pane of the cars and eventually hitting the drivers within them. The shattering glass panes echoed in the empty night. She looked up only to see the cries of the men becoming silent and the crowd cheering joyfully. The gangsters were like crazy lunatics that enjoyed the suffering of others, but then again that is a trait that most people have in their genes. But the enthusiasm of course didn't last.

A man yelled, "Boss, the enemy's back up is coming should we stay or what?"

The Leader replied, "If you guys want to, we'll get down and play dirty til they're hit." The crowd howled again in agreement.

"Oh no, not another brawl, I don't wanna stick around for another fight. What should I do?" Lillian thought to herself.

The gun shot resounded one after another. More cars appeared, and the drivers tried to do the same, kill the enemy with guns. Lillian squealed and hoped that nobody noticed her crouching next to the street light pole. Various car wheels screeched the concrete pavement. The engines were making horrible sounds. Some cars exploded with a large rupture, and the people's voices mixed into the sounds caused turbulence so disturbing. Lillian couldn't do much but sit there and pretend to be invisible.