26. The truth

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"Hey Minseo!" I feel an arm wrap around my shoulder from an unfamiliar person.

"Who was that?" I pushed that person away only to realize it was Ethan. Oops, my bad.

"Ouch, you're pretty strong!" He laughed.

"Sorry!" I apologize, "Were you looking for me?"

"Yup! I want to asked if you have time tonight? I want to take you out as a thank you since you reject my gift last time." Aigoo, all I did was let you borrow a phone. This isn't necessary!

"I don't know..." I have some studying to do. I still have to beat Jimin!

"Come on, you can't reject me this time." He pouted.

"What if I do?"

"Then I'll keep bothering you." Aishh, it's annoying but ...he's cute.

"Alright, what time are we going?" I finally give in.

"7:00 P.M., do you want me to pick you up?" He make an offer.

"It's alright!" I don't trust your driving.


"Minseo!" Jimin panted as he walk up to her at her locker.

"Y-yes?" *Why did I stutter!*

"Don't get close to Sungnam!" Jimin was so serious that it shocked Minseo.

"Who's that?" She look at him with confusion.

"I mean Ethan" Jimin corrected. "Get away from him."

"..... why should I?" *He seems nice tho*

"Listen Minseo, Ethan is not who you think he is! He's a bad person who would hurt you!"

"How would you know that?" Minseo asked.

"I know him in high school and trust me, Ethan is a-"

"Why are you telling me this?" Minseo questioned.

"Because......" *Because I like you*

"Minseo, just listen to me alright? I'm saying for your own good."

*why did I even hope that Jimin was jealous... he doesn't even have feelings for me*

"He's a playboy, Minseo." Jimin told her.

"It's none of your business Jimin." She let her frustration out in her words.
"And I know what a playboy look like."
*Playboy? Ethan is nothing like you Jimin.*

"Minseo!" There was desperation in his voice.

"Don't mind me." Minseo walk passed him.
"Just ignore me"
*Just ignore me like you did a year ago, maybe then this weird feelings will go away*


"I knew you would be in the library you nerd." Without looking away from my book, I already know that it was Minhee.

"I feel popular today." I closed the book and put it down.
"You're the third person who look for me today."

"Minseo, did you perhaps know someone name Ethan?" She asked.
"Or Sungnam, whatever his name is."

"Lemme guess, Jimin told you something about him being a bad person and stuff." I roll my eyes.

"Well.... it's actually Jungkook" What?
"How did you guys met?"

"Why do you want to know?" 

"Shut up and tell me already!"

"Fine." I sighed, "I find him on the street when he got into a car accident. I lend him my phone to call help and next thing I know, he's here."

"But wait, what did Jungkook tell you about Ethan?" What relations do they have?

"A lot of things you have no idea." She lean closer. I can't believe we're gossiping in the library.

"You know Ethan is the reason why Jimin got kicked out of high school?"

"What???!" I cover my mouth to conceal my urge to yell.

"Minhee, if you're lying to me. I'm going to send ugly pictures of you to Jhope." I threatened

"I'm not! I'm just saying what Jungkook told everyone." As her best friend, I could tell that she was serious. I also know that Jungkook was not a type of person to lie.

And finally something hit me. I remember Jimin said that he was blame for something he didn't do.

"What did Ethan do?"

"Well... he stole the final exam answer key and put under Jimin's desk. One of Ethan's friend purposely point it out during the test and the whole school suspect Jimin cheated."


"Why did he do such a thing?!" I loudly whispered.

"He was jealous of Jimin. Ethan was just like you, he tried but always place second to Jimin. So I guess that's why he decided to play dirty on Jimin." How was Ethan just like me? I would never do that!!

"The funny thing is." She lowkey laughed.
"There was also competition between then when it comes to girls. Both of them were playboys but Jimin was a much popular one."
No surprise here.

"Okay about the cheating part.... aren't there cameras or anything?!" I asked. Did they not think of that?

"Ethan is pretty smart you know? He turn off all the cameras before that. That's worse because people thought Jimin is the one who turn off the cameras and stole the answer key."

Bullshit! How come no one trust Jimin?!

"But even if there are cameras. It's not hard for Ethan to cover it up. His father is some sort of minister I think. They're loaded with money and power."

Tch Jimin you should've told me this before!


"Would you like to order now?"

"Not yet, I'm still waiting for my date." Ethan answered before checking his watch.

*It's 7:05 p.m, this bitch better not ruin my night*

In fact, Ethan plan out this whole night.
First he want to have romantic dinner with her. Then a romantic walk on the Han river which he already booked a hotel room nearby. After that, if he likes her then he'll play with her a little longer. If not? They're stranger the next day.

"Why am I wasting my time when I can just find some girl at the club right now?" Tired of waiting, he stood up.

"Sorry! There was traffic!" Minseo smile brightly as she barge through the door.

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