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I was at the club, trying to stay out of sight while silently eating my peanut m and m's. Now I feel bad for people not being able to eat peanuts at all.....

I heard a chair screeching beside me, and I saw Yoongi sitting beside me.

"You want one?" He just stared at me....for a reeeaaally long time... and then opened his mouth and pointed at it.

Popping one in, other hosts started asking for some.
When Tae came to me and ate one, he started choking, and fell to the ground.
"Was there a --pe- peanut in there?"

What the- he's allergic, poor him....dafu- Jesus Christ he's choking!

I freaked out.....until he started laughing on the ground.

"Aish..." I kicked his butt and he started to fake cry.

Jungkook, Tae, and Yoongi all started to sit on the table, where I was sitting in.

"Kook! Why you stealing all my m and m's?"
He looked at me with his cute eyes and smiled


"You can have the last one if you do aegyo" I sort of challenged to him...

"Buing buing" he replied, making little bunny ears.

Then Tae started to put his hands to his cheeks, and I really expected something adorable.....

But then he started to make these weird alien noises. Everyone didn't spare a second glance, as if it was something normal....damn, tough crowd.

"Hey guys," I said.
They all replied with a hum... I knew what I was going to say was weird but....

"I really like gum, but the harder I chew on it, the harder it gets" (I actually said this to my friends, oh wait, friend)

Yoongi spit out his water, averting his eyes.

"What?" Both Tae and I said.

How da hell does Kookie know what I don't? The only type of thing I don't know about is....oh, so it's something sexual....what does it mean, is gum that bad?

Kookie just grabbed my hand, pulling me away from the group, "Umm, the girls like it when I'm near you Hobi"

"Oh, okay Kookie"


"Oh, umm, nothing"

I arrived at his section and all the girls screamed Junghope! Is that a ship name, how did they know my old nickname was Hope? Suddenly, Jungkook went into host mode...

Wow, he's a totally different person now.


I grabbed his chin, and he looked so vulnerable.

"You can only look at me babe" I almost gagged at my cheesiness, but Hobi really seemed flustered.
He looked away, trying to hide his face...

But then I whispered in his ear, " I said... you can only look at me."

Turning around quickly, our lips brushed slightly.... and all the girls got nosebleeds.

Behind him, Yoongi was stomping towards us, and his fan girls following.
"I can do that too" and all the girls started screaming Yoonseok. Why did people think that they would actually be shippable, that's not....calm down.

Yoongi grabbed him out of my hands and did his bad boy act by slamming him against the wall, and putting his arm, trapping him inside.

Hoseok's eyes were wide open while Yoongi traced his hand acrossed his body, "This is for making that stupid, innocent comment...for making me turned on"

Huh, this is all for show right? He's not actually into him...right? Jungkook, calm down.


This is all for show right? I'm not actually into him...right? Yoongi, calm down

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