Chapter 23

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Sky's Pov

Entity is going to attack soon. I can feel it and I'm sure Seto can too. He's been really off lately. I think it's because of the staff. It holds a lot of power and can take a toll on a sorcerer, especially one like him. Seto is different from other sorcerers because he can use both light and dark magic. The staff is made to fit both kinds so if he wanted to use dark magic he could. I could tell he didn't even want to think of using it though.

"Hey Sky." I turned around to see Seto.

"Hello Seto. Sleep well?" I asked.

"Not really." He answered. "What about you?"

"Skybrine kept trying to talk to me all night." I sighed. "What kept you up?"

"My ancestors memories. It wasn't the fact that some of them were bloody but the fact that they felt so...real." He said.

"I'm sorry. I should have told you that the staff would do that." I said. "What have you learned about him so far?"

"I learned that he was a dark sorcerer, was always there when Skybrine killed, and that he had a way with his words that could get anyone to spill their emotions." Seto said. "He used it on Skybrine a few times."

"Heh, I was kind of hoping you wouldn't learn about that." I said.

"It's hard to keep things from a sorcerer." He smiled. "I've also had a recent vision and I'm kind of worried about it."

"How so?" I asked.

"Well it's when we go into battle with Entity. We start the battle and mid-way through it just goes black and I'm not sure if that means that I die then and there." He explained. I could hear his voice almost shaking.

"You're going to make it out of battle. Not all visions are accurate and who knows. Maybe everything went black because a cloth flew over your eyes or you were attacked from behind." I said. "I'm not going to let you die in battle."

He looked at me and smiled. "Thanks."

"So we're training with your ancestor today. Him and Diamond." I said.

"Do you know his name?" Seto asked.

"Harvey, Harvey the destroyer. Not a very pleasant name but he was a criminal before he joined my team." I said. "One thing though. I don't want you to go up against Harvey today. I know that you like to use light magic and Harvey uses dark which can cause an explosion if two spells combine. Do you think you could sit this one out?"

"Yeah." He said.

"After battle Harvey is going to stick around for a little bit. I think he wants to talk with you." I said.

"You have any idea why?" Seto asked me.

"Believe me, I wish I knew." I replied. "One thing about him though. He actually used to be a light sorcerer."

"Really?" Seto asked. "Changing from light to dark is a very dangerous process and requires many messed up and twisted things."

"He was a light forced to go dark. If he tries a light spell it will bring all his worst memories back. You're special though. You can do both. I imagine he'll probably tell you that dark spells aren't so bad." I said. "But I don't really know if he will. He's unpredictable."

"Dark spells drag you deeper and deeper into some messed up things. I've never used them and I personally don't want to." Seto replied. "I like light spells because they are often more helpful health wise than dark spells."

"The others are coming."

Seto's Pov

Everyone finally arrived. I had a feeling Sky was ready to give his speech again. "Today is a very special case. We'll be training with Seto's ancestor, Harvey, and Crystal's ancestor Diamond." Sky started. "Seto will be staying out of this one due to hazards of light and dark colliding. Harvey is a dark sorcerer so he'll use damaging spells but he is going to try and make them less powerful. Diamond is very fast and strategic but she is going to tone it down a bit. You know what to do."

Two figures appeared. One wearing a cloak and the other wearing armor. Diamond had the same features as Crystal except her purple color was replaced with a light blue. Harvey flipped his hood down to revel one normal looking blue eye and one full black eye. I guess dark spells do have side effects. My staff flew out of my hands and into his. I guess that's another reason why Sky wanted my to sit out.

"Start!" Sky shouted.

Everyone rushed toward them but before they could even touch Diamond and Harvey a shield was put up. Diamond smiled. "We're skilled warriors. It's going to have to take a lot more than that to beat us." Now the real battle had just started.


I was just meditating while the battle was going on. I didn't care who won because I already knew who would win. Sky nudged me. I opened my eyes. "Did you know that I've never actually seen Harvey's face?" He asked. "I can tell that he did that because you were here."

"Because of me?" I asked. "I'm nothing special."

"Yes you are. You can use dark and light spells but without the dark side effects. I think he wants to teach you a few things about spells." Sky said.

I don't like the idea of dark spells. I don't really want anything to do with them but if Harvey wants to teach me a few things then I'm not going to decline them. I noticed how it was only Ty and Jason left standing. This was going to be over soon. Ty was in the air battling Diamond and Jason was on the ground battling Harvey. Jason got hit with a spell and was thrown into a tree and Ty was soon hit to the ground.

"That's enough." Sky said.

Diamond flew to the ground beside Harvey. "I'm gonna get going. Tell Crystal she needs to think her plans through a little more. Other than that she did well." Diamond said and she disappeared.

Harvey walked over. "So how well have I been training them?" Sky asked him.

"You're training them? I thought Skybrine was taking over and doing it for you again." Harvey laughed.

"Harvey this is your descendent, Seto Sorcerer." Sky said.

"Pleasure to meet you." Harvey said.

"Same." I replied.

"I heard that you're a light sorcerer." Harvey said.

"Yeah. I'm not that big of a fan of dark spells." I said. "I prefer light spells."

"I respect that but light spells aren't always going to work." Harvey said. "I'm not here to try and push you to dark spells. I'm here to give you this." He took out a book and handed it to me. "These are some spells that may come in handy. I'll admit some of them are dark but they aren't as dark as the ones I use."

"Is your black eye a side effect of using dark spells?" I asked.

"No. It happened people forced me to become dark. I can still see out of it but it scares a lot of people." Harvey said. "Must get going. Take a look at the book. It will help during your battle." Harvey smiled at me and disappeared.

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