Chapter 5

Treasure what we have!


As soon as I got out of my room, I didn’t know where to go; it was MY ROOM after all and he was the one who should have gotten out of there. After debating with myself outside the door for a while, I decided to go in and throw him out of my room. He was still sitting on my bed, putting on the buttons staring at the floor. He looked at the door when he heard me walking in and stood up.

I looked at the shirt, fitting him perfectly. “Please, leave my room.” I said sounding calm like I wasn’t feeling anything.

Without uttering a word he picked up his wet t-shirt and walked past me, out of the door. When he left, I locked the damn door. I looked at the open suitcase feeling sick to my stomach. I couldn’t take it anymore, I ran to the bed and took out all of the clothes in there, looking at them, feeling them, and taking in the familiar smell. I don’t know how long I sat there with the clothes in my hands but a knock on the door startled me.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Nidhi, open the door. It’s our sleepover, remember?” Kaya said loudly.

“Just a minute.” I quickly put all the clothes in the suitcase and locked it. After putting the suitcase under my bed I opened the door.

“I brought you dinner in the room. And I don’t mind sharing, though I ate earlier but ….” she trailed off putting the plate of rice on the bed-side table.

“But?”  I asked.

“But seeing someone so yummy after dinner made me hungry again. I wouldn’t mind some desert you know.” she said looking straight at me, her hands on her hips.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. That guy is 10 on 10, way too hot.” she said fanning her hands near her face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said pulling the plate on my lap and putting a spoonful in my mouth.

She walked towards the window and looked down. “Well, whether you have noticed or not, I have noticed today. The wet shirt hugging his body, his well-built muscles not bulging out but toned….” She trailed off as she kept on looking down dreamily from the window.

I put the plate back on the table, took three large steps towards her and looked out of the window. “Where is he?” I asked confused, even sounding a little angry when I couldn’t see him anywhere and even his bike was gone.

“Oh, he left earlier, just after he came out of your room. He gulped the drink & insisted on leaving. Wait…” she said dramatically, “and you thought I was looking at him, oh! I was just looking at the road.”

“Okay, who cares anyways?” I replied, as I walked back to the bed & started digging on my plate again.

“I do. He is so hot yet so sweet. Haven’t you seen how she talks to your mom? Just so sweet.” she asked looking dreamy again, getting on my nerves. I was shivering with anger.

-- I'm rewriting this story and its currently being updated in its English version called "Hanging by a Moment" in my profile. I'm also going to update this with the original character names and base the story in my country as well!! So, two versions of Hanging by a MOment (previously : The Smile: the eternal sunshine)