Chapter One

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Chapter One - Girl of a Different World

(Y/N)'s P. O. V

Everything is dark. I can't move, I can't feel, I can't hear, I can't smell, and lastly, I can't even open my eyes. I try moving my body, but I don't have a body to move. I only have my conscious to keep me aware. I try speaking but no words come out, they only echo in my mind. Where am I? Who am I? What am I? The questions repeat around me, confusing me. I try to remember what happened before but nothing comes to my mind. I feel pain. Wait pain? Something is softly, but firmly pressing into my side repeatedly. I have a body!

"I think she's dead," A voice sighed out but continued to keep poking me.

I try to open my eyes but a groan of pain escapes from my lips instead. The person pauses their attack before something warm flicks against my forehead. Suddenly memories of the night before flashed before me. I had fallen asleep while watching one of my many favorite animes Akatsuki No Yona. The memories disappear and are replaced by more pain in my side as the person continued their abuse on my side by poking me with something.

"Oh, land of majestic creatures, that hurt!" I whine jolting up, opening my eyes slightly blinded by the light and taking the stick from the culprit. Waving the stick at the familiar-looking kid I say, "Oi, it's not nice to...Wait, where am I?" I question noticing that I'm outside and not on my old, but the comfortable couch in my apartment.

"Oh, you're not dead. To answer your question, you're beneath the mountains of the Wind Tribe's Territory. Are you injured?" The short apricot hair colored male asks me with little interest.

Those blue eyes, feminine face, apricot hair, and snooty attitude? This cant be, right? Is this seriously Yun from Akatsuki No Yona? Oh mer gerd, it is! He looks so kawaii up close! I fangirl silently. On closer look, I realize just how 'real' he looks. Yun looks more like a real person instead of a fictional animated character. I let my gaze turn to the surrounding area I was in. The trees look the same as my everyday life. I am so impressed with how realistic everything looks that I jump at the sound of Yun's voice. My thoughts being shoved away as I turn my attention back to him.

"Lady. Are. You. Alright?" He asks slowly, almost as if he were talking to a child.

"I'M NOT A CHILD!" I shout in annoyance. "And no, I do not have any injuries." I wobble as I get up. "Thanks for concerning yourself with me, Yun." I smile at him. I silently groan in realization. Shit, I just said his name and he hasn't even introduced himself to me yet.

"Tch, you were just lying in the middle of the path." Yun becomes flustered and looks away. "How do you know my name!?" His eyes widen in realization and surprise.

"Hmm? Well, that's a lo~ng story, that I do not want to explain." I shrug patting the dirt off of my ruined jeans.

"You're strange," Yun's nose scrunches up, "and revolting smelling. Come along smelly girl." Yun chides, walking off with me following after.

"My name's, Y/N." I introduce after some silence settles around us as we follow the path back to the hut.

"Hmm," Yun replies not really interested.

Well then, I see the way it is. I slightly pout. I wonder, how and why I am here? Like seriously this shouldn't even be possible, the last thing I remember is falling asleep on my couch after binge-watching Akatsuki no Yona. Oh Magic Mushrooms, what is the meaning behind me being here? My thoughts are cut off when I hear a small thump and Yun yells out in annoyance at Ik-Su.

I giggle in amusement and at their kawaiiness of course. "Hiya, Ik-su." I greet helping the clumsy curly blonde haired Oracle up.

"Oh, why thank you, kind lady. Just who might you be?" The silly blonde asks with his head tilted to the right. Not seeming bothered by me knowing his name.

Well, that's not suspicious at all. Wait, does he know?

"Oh, I'm Y/N, nice to meet you, Ik-su," I introduce shaking his hand.

"Enough talk. Let's get you cleaned up and a new set of clothes." Yun pushes my back forwards towards the hut.


After Yun takes my measurements he yapped at me to take a bath. I gladly do so, but not without his help. What? I'm from the twenty-first century, you would do the same thing in my situation. So anyway, after taking a twenty-something minute long bath, I get out. I put on my modern undergarments back on and wrap a towel around myself. Yun told me beforehand not to wear my, quote on quote, "revolting clothes after taking your bath." I patiently wait in the bathroom until I hear a knock on the door.

"Y/N, your new clothes are ready. I made sure they're easy to walk and run in." Yun's voice happily says from the other side of the door.

I crack the door open, hold my left hand out while keeping my right hand firmly on my towel. "Thanks, Yun, I appreciate this. Also, I'm sorry for wasting your time on simple matters," I sincerely say. I giggle as I see a blush blossom on his face. I take the clothes and close the door. I grin ear to ear when I hear Yun reply.

"It's no bother. It was...kind of fun." With that, I hear him walk away.

I look down at the pink and red outfit. He even gave me some black slippers. "Not my favorite color, but clothes are clothes." With that, I change. I open the door with a grin. These clothes are surprisingly comfortable. I spot Yun cooking and drool. Yes, yes I just drooled. The food smelled so enticing. I jump the poor male and rub my cheek against his in pure bliss. "You look like a little housewife, Yun." I tease poking his cheek which had turned a light pink.

"Oi! Stop, I'm cooking!" Yun shouts hitting me over the head with the stirring spoon causing me to puff out my cheeks with a pout.

"Fine, fine I'll just go bother Ik-su." With that I walk out of the hut, rubbing my head.

"Hey, Y/N. Tell him dinner is ready," Yun shouts from behind me.

"Aye, aye sir," I salute sauntering off into the wilderness. A couple of minutes of hiking through the unfamiliar trees I spot with my little eye, a blonde Oracle who is sitting on the cliff near the waterfall praying. Not wanting to interrupt I silently sit next to him.

After finishing up, Ik-su turns his head towards me with a smile. "Are you going to stay?"

"I want to, but I don't want to bother you or Yun," I admit giving him a kind smile. I also have no other place to go...So yeah I kinda wanna stay and not die out in the unfamiliar forest or woods, whatever they are called.

"You're not bothering us, Y/N. In fact, it's nice having a new face. In the short, very short, amount of time you have been here, it seems more lively. Yun seems more cheerful, at least to me he does. If you wish to stay, then you are more than welcome to, dear."

"Thank you, Ik-su. Oh!" I make finger gun signs randomly in remembrance. "Dinners ready. Let's go get some fo~od!" I cheer jumping up and make my way towards the hut. Trying really hard not to fall or get lost.


Ik-su smiles at the odd girl, who appeared out of nowhere, quite literally. "What do you have in store for this young maiden?" He questions the shadowed figure, but only receives silence in return.


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