|Cody Carson| "I Told You They Would Love You."

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(Half the GIFS used for these don't match and it's sad because he's such a cute small bean)

(Half the GIFS used for these don't match and it's sad because he's such a cute small bean)

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Cody ran past you, his suitcase in hand. You chuckled and smiled, walking after him, "Cody?"

"Sorry, Hun."

You walked to him and hugged him from behind. You felt him relax in your arms as you breathed in his scent.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't find the damned ri- um ring that Maxx told me he left in my guitar case. Have you seen it?"

"Um, no I haven't had you checked through the guitar case, maybe it fell in the lining?"

"Um no, I'll go check." Cody ran upstairs.

"You mean you haven't packed your guitar?" You laughed, yelling up the stairs.

"Nah love, not using this one, Dans got mine."

"Ah alright." You replied grabbing your suitcase. "I'm sure Maxx won't mi-"

"Found it." Cody was now at the bottom of the stairs. You nodded.

"Come on; the taxi will leave soon."

"Yeah, but hang on." He smiled grabbing your waist, pulling you closer, he took your chin in his hand and leaned forward, kissing you gently on the lips. "You know I love you right?"

"Well duh, otherwise I wouldn't be going on tour with you right now." You stuck your tongue out playfully.

It was true; you were going on tour with the band, Set It Off. This was the first time, and Cody seemed more on edge than usual. You grabbed your suitcase and walked out the door, placing your bags neatly in the back of the taxi. Cody skin followed after, throwing his bags in the back. The taxi man beeped, signaling you to get in. Sighs escaped from your mouths. You smiled and climbed in.

"So are you ready?"

"I'm just worried about what the fans are going to think..." You glanced down, Cody patted your back reassuringly.

"I've told you so many times Y/N; they'll love you, just as I do." He pecked your cheek. A smile crept on your face.

Around an hour later, you arrived at the airport. You stepped out, reaching into your back, pulling out some sunglasses and a hoodie. You threw them both on and began to walk in the airport. Cody did the same. The two of you walked, hand in hand. Some people gave you odd looks but quickly glanced away once they saw the security guards escorting you. You glanced at the time and quickly nudged Cody. His eyes widened as he spoke to the guard next to him. He nodded, and you began to move quicker towards the gate. After the panic, you arrived at the private jet; you gazed at it in awe, Cody smiled and had to drag you on board. Once boarding the two of you sighed in relief. Maxx, Austin, Dan, and Zach all waited in their seats patiently. They all looked over and cheered.

"Damn, what took you so long?" Zach chuckled.

"Cody here was taking too long as per usual." You looked towards him; he kissed you once more, you were interrupted by Maxx.

"Bloody hell PG here guys PG..." The whole plane was full of laughter from everyone.

Everyone sat in each other's seats, and the jet began to take off. It is going to be at least 5 hours before you got off.

Rain poured down the window as you gazed out of it, a smile on your face. It'd been a few hours, and most of the boys were asleep, you turned to Austin and smiled.

"You seem to be the only other one awake."

He nodded, smiling.

"Excited to be here with us?" He asked.

You shrugged your shoulders but smiled. "Just a little nervous I suppose."

He nodded. The plane ride continued, a little bit of turbulence here and there, a couple of drinks and that was about it.

Everyone got off, you and Cody were walking at the front while the guy's wolf whistled behind you, you blushed slightly and glanced away from Cody. He chuckled quietly and took your chin, making you look at him. "You look pretty when you blush you know." You smiled and hugged him.

(At the show)

"Jesus Christ where's my guitar Y/N? Have you seen it?"

"Didn't you say Dan brought it? If it's your acoustic one, you're after."

"Yeah, ah hang on" You could hear rummaging. "Got it, I'll be back in a bit."

You smiled and kissed him. "I'll be waiting."

The song 'Miss Mysterious' was playing while you sang along to it backstage. You were scrolling through social media and noticed that Cody had started a live stream. You tilted your head, you clicked join and waited. Millions of fans were behind him, as well as millions on the live stream. He noticed your name come up, saying you'd joined. He smiled and spoke into the camera.

"Hey hun, mind coming up here, I have something to tell you."

You thought for a moment, while Cody stood there patiently waiting. Once you put your phone away to go on stage, the camera moved onto the floor facing that back of the stage. You prepared by looking at yourself a few times before walking on. Miss Mysterious continued to play until you got to the side of the stage. Then everything stopped. Cody ushered you to go over. You slowly walked on and heard the crowd cheer and whistle. You smiled walking to Cody's side.

"Thanks guys for making her feel welcome, can we welcome Y/N L/N to the stage. Now this girl, God damn, it's been what nearly four years now, can't believe I never said anything sooner, we moved in around a year ago, and we've been a secret since the beginning, but now I'd like to tell you that this is my girlfriend! Oh and soon to be Y/N Carson!"

The crowd awed, you looked towards Cody, he knelt on one knee holding out a small velvet box with a black ring inside. You looked at him for a moment, shocked. He smiled and laughed.

"So what do you say? Want to spend the rest of your life with me?" He smirked. You smiled nodding your head quickly; You ran over tackling him in a hug while the crowd cheered and whistled once more.

"See I told you they would love you."

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