Chapter Twenty-Five

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I woke up with my head on Nathaniel's chest while he softly stroked my hair, trailing his fingers over the nape of my neck. There was a peaceful feeling in the room and I knew Nathaniel felt very satisfied.

Whatever he'd done when he left me to sleep last night had made him feel that way. I hadn't heard him come back in but at least he was here now that I woke up. After only a few short days living here I knew that's what I wanted to do every morning for the rest of my life.

The thought of not being with Nathaniel brought an ache to my chest that I'd only ever felt when I thought of mom now. I loved him more than anything and he felt the same way about me, I was the luckiest person in the world.

Even though there was Thornten who was trying to kill Jake and Deidre, who might also be gunning for me because I was Nathaniel's weak spot. Plus a Demon father I didn't know who was bothering Hayden and on top of that a bunch of stupid wolves who thought they had rights to me.

I was still damn lucky to have him in my life.

'Morning a ghrá mo chroí,' Nathaniel whispered in my ear, his lips brushing against the shell send a hot tingle through me.

'Hey,' I smiled at him.

Shortly after that we got up and dressed so I could have breakfast downstairs. Apparently Nathaniel had arranged for a substitute at school so he could stay with Jake and I to look after us, or so he'd told the principal....

I was just happy that I got to spend time with him today. Without the chance of running into danger. I was ecstatic about the fact that we were going to start training that possible skill of mine and also the basic self-defense techniques.

Elliot was in the kitchen preparing food, massive piles of it too and when I spotted Jaden at the table I realized why. The guy was slim and lean but he was scarfing down food as if he'd not eaten in weeks. Scratch that: months!

Missy was talking animatedly but nobody was paying real attention to her I think. Jaden seemed intent on the food and his surroundings, the way he shifted his body just the slightest bit at our entrance.

Elliot was talking to Hay who was sat on the kitchen counter next to him, it appeared as if he was explaining the boy how to make omelets.

When I reached them Elliot handed me a plate with a smile and then muttered so that Hayden couldn't hear him: 'Careful someone went a little overboard with the sugar... Sorry.'

I was used to Hayden trying to help out with breakfast or lunch and making the most horrible things ever so I shrugged it off and ate without tasting. It wasn't too bad if you focused on something else...

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