You Need Me | Chris Motionless Imagine

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TRIGGER WARNING - please either proceed with caution or skip if easily triggered.

Y/N's P.O.V

I held in the flood of tears as my Dad screamed at me. He has been rambling on for almost a full hour about how he doesn't approve of Chris and my friends.

"He is way older than you! He is covered head to toe in tattoos, he is a bad person! I can't have my daughter dating something like that" He yelled and got right up in my face.

"I don't want you to see that man, ever again. You understand?" He growled and pointed his finger at me.

"He isn't what you think he i-"

"I've seen what he does! He is a bad person. You aren't like him or your little friends. Like I said, they have tattoos and piercings, they yell and scream profanities on stage for a living. I can't have my daughter around them" By now I had started to feel angered with what he was saying. Dad continued to yell but I wasn't listening.

"Dad! I am like them!" I yelled over the top of his voice. He stopped and raised his eyebrow at me.

"What do you mean?" I rolled up the sleeves to my hoodie and revealed my tattoo sleeves. His eyes widened as I got my lip rings out of my pocket and walked to the mirror, I slipped them in, then my septum.

"Get that trash out of your face, and I'm taking you to get that horrible stuff lasered!"

"This is who I am, Dad! You can't change me. You should fucking accept me!" I yelled at him, then a sharp sting vibrated through my cheek. I gasped and my hand flew to my raw cheek.

"Go to you room" Dad mumbled and pushed me into the hallway. "Fucking trash"

I quickly got up and ran into my room, I locked the door behind me and fell onto my bed. I fucking hate him. My own father, judged me and my best friends then slapped me, his own daughter. I'm still the same person, tattoos or not. He is just like the other church people that think people with tattoos worship the devil.

I wiped the stray tear on my face and scrolled through Instagram. A few minutes later I got a notification, it's from Chris.

Christopher ❤❤ - Hey baby, what are you up to? X

Y/N ❤❤ - laying in bed, being lazy as usual. What about you? X

Christopher ❤❤ - same thing as you ahah... I heard your Dad yelling at you.. you ok? x

I forgot to mention that Chris lives next door. We all moved into the same street so we could hang out more often. Chris's house is on the left side of my house, Ricky and Jaime on the right. Vinny and Ghost live across the street with Kylie. Josh and Ryan Ashley live two doors down from them.

Y/N ❤❤ - It was nothing big, just the usual. Don't worry about me x

I couldn't help but feel bad for lying to Chris, but I don't want him worrying about me.

Christopher ❤❤ - do you want me to come over? x

Y/N ❤❤ - No, it's fine. Get some sleep

Christopher ❤❤ - Scratch what I said before, open your window x

I should've known he would do something like this. I jumped up and quickly put some concealer over the bruise forming on my cheek. I walked to the large window in the centre of my room. I unlocked it and saw Chris climbing up the tree. The second he got into the window he pulled me to his chest and the tears got loose.

"Awh, baby don't cry" He said and rubbed my back. I shook and cried into his chest, his scent slowly calmed me down but the tears never stopped.

"I h-hate him, Chris"

"I know, I know. What was the fight about this time?" He asked and kissed my forehead. Should I tell him? Last time something like this happened he got really mad and left, I ended up staying at Ricky's for the night because I'm closest with him apart from Chris.

"Y/N?" I looked up into his beautiful brown eyes and kissed him.

"It was about the same thing as last time.. except his time I showed him my tattoos and everything. He, don't worry" I said, I don't want to see his reaction if I tell him the last bit.

"No, no tell me. I want to help you" Chris said and rested his large hands on my waist, he wiped a tear form my cheek and left his hand there.

"He slapped me" Chris's body froze.

"That mother fucker" He grumbled and ran out the door. I heard yelling and quickly followed.

"How fucking dare you! You go and yell and talk shit about your daughter to her face, then slap her. You don't know anything about us, you think you know us but you don't. Do you know how many times Y/N has come to my house crying because of you!? Even Ricky has noticed her sneak out to visit me almost every night. Have you met Ricky!? He helps your daughter when I can't and is her best friend, he has told me about how you have hurt Y/N. This isn't the first time, I just didn't say anything because I would snap" He started to edge closer to my Dad. "I fucking love your daughter. And if you can't accept that, she can just move in with me. Me and the guys will be here to get her belongings tommorow" He said before pushing him back slightly. He dad stood there, pale faced. Chris grabbed me hand and pulled me out the front door.

"You don't have to deal with his shit anymore" He said and kissed me. He took me into his house and we fell asleep in each others arms not long after.

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