Facebook Status Updates from Beyond the Grave

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I had clicked on the little red number on the top of my facebook page, and this was what I got.

"Hey honey, come look at this," I called over my shoulder to my girlfriend.  

She put down the book she was reading and sauntered over to the computer. She placed one hand on my shoulder as she bent down to examine the screen.  "Hmmm," she said, "probably drunk."

I shook my head.. "I know for a fact that Jasen hasn't been doing any drinking lately."

My girlfriend pushed her glasses up with one finger and stared at the screen. "Cat on the keyboard?" She turned to look at me, waiting for a response.

"I'm pretty sure Jasen doesn't own a cat anymore."

She shrugged her shoulders and flopped back down on the couch, already absorbed in the book she was reading and oblivious to my bewilderment.

Thing was, I had only met Sarah six months ago.  She didn't know too much about my past. She didn't know that my friend, Jasen, the poster of the message- well it had been almost two years since he had died.

I stared at the message, goosebumps covering my body.  Beside the message post was his picture.  His eyes seemed to stare through me. 

"He's been dead for almost two years babe." I called over my shoulder again.

"Really?" She said. She had already set the book down again and was standing by my side.


She examined the screen again. 'His account probably got hacked."

I agreed with her.  There was no other logical explanation.  But still I left the screen up, just looking at it.

I heard her giggle and turned my head to look at her.  "Do you think they have facebook in heaven?"  She asked.

I chuckled at the thought of not only angels sitting around in heaven on clouds, typing away on their laptops, but also the thought that my friend might actually be there.  Jasen was a beer swilling, bar fighting atheist.  They would never let him in.

"I don't know," I replied, powering down my computer, "But I'm pretty sure they got facebook in hell."


So this was a random idea that JUST came to me.  I'm still trying to feel out a plot for it and whatnot. I will add more to the story when it comes to me, and I do thank you for reading what little I have right now.

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