ok,to start off,my name is Troian and ill try not to let you down on getting you bored.ill try my best


sweet heart,fights(if its worth it)loveble,a little bossy & and fav color:orange



a little bossy.loves dogs,always carefull,sweet,& fav color:Gold


Me:tip:call me Troy

loveble,sexy(or thats what boys always says),sweet,stands up for friends,& fav color green/black



loveble,stands up for friends,loves candy,& fav color:pink


Princeton:MB boy

(u alredy know as in sexy,sweet & a peace lover like me)

Rayray:MB boy

(u already know as in loveble,sexy draws awsome)

Roc Royal:MB boy

(u already know as in sexy,loves his family friend and bros like the other love him too)

Prodigy:MB leader

(u already know as in loveble ,cute,sexy,awsome at being the big bro

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