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Pen Your Pride

Thump Thump Thump.

The sound of my feet on a beautiful new mourning, with birds singing their cheery songs, the early morning sun blinding my eyes and the fresh smell of a new day coming who wouldn't be happy right?

I wasn't puffing at all. It was an easy jog compared to the one back home.

That's right, back in Australia. I moved here to San Fran, America, to go to the prestigious Bormount sports High School.

I got the acceptance letter a day after the "incident" and I immediately accepted, knowing that I had to get away from the mess that my life was.

So here I am, after just a month since I got the letter. Sunny San Francisco.

I was enjoying an early morning run and getting back into fitness before trials start for soccer. What's even more exciting is that I'll be trying out for the 17's boy's team! I'll be the first girl ever to be aloud.

It's one of the biggest steps the school has taken to becoming a less "sexist" school.

The trial is in 3 days, the girl's team is tomorrow, so I'm really excited!

After stopping for a moment I found that I was on a little lost, overgrown track. Being the inquisitive girl I am, I had to investigate. Going down the wet forest path, I heard water rushing down something.

Was there a waterfall near here?

Just when I had that thought, I came out onto a large meadow, and just as I had guessed there was a beautiful, immaculate fresh water waterfall flowing in the early spring sunshine.

It was beautiful! And it wouldn't be complete without a beautiful boy, slowing coming out of the water, whipping his hair back and forwards as it glistened in the sun. How cliche...

He was now coming out of the water and he's coming this way. Oh poopie!

If I can't see him, he can't see me! If I can't see him, he...

"hello"? His husky American voice brought me out of my internal ranting, but I still didn't acknowledge him. Through my fingers I could see him giving me a weird/hot look.

I also saw him reaching up to take my hands away from my face, but by the time I realised what was happening, it was too late, my face was already exposed to his tan, strong jawed goodness.

"Are you okay"? He asked me, his face almost a little scared because of my reaction to him.

"Yeah...Um... the sun was just too bright!" I practically screamed at him when I initially thought of an excuse. I realised that I was acting like I was nervous and I immediately put on my flat 'nobody can tell what I'm really feeling' face.

His only answer was "yeah it's pretty hot". And then he did something stupid! "Hi, I'm Tai Webb". He put on a sexy smirk that knew would be irristable... if I didn't hate boys.

I put on a fake girly voice "Hi, I'm Willow Pekoe". Apparently, he could tell that I was putting on a fake voice because he went from all smiles to all frowns.

And what an adorable one he had too.

Stop thinking about how cute he is Willow!

Whilst having another internal battle, I hadn't noticed that Tai had stepped closer to me.

But I soon did.

Up this close you could notice that he had a light dusting of freckles of his perfect nose. He had dirty blonde hair, in one of those short but not short hair cuts. His tan shows that he spends a lot of time outdoors, but not all his time. And his eyes, his best feature because they showed who he truly was, were blue, like a blue when a storm is crossing over the ocean.

Those majestic eyes had a furrowed brow over them right now, like he was concentrating too much, like he was memorising every bit of my face.

Kinda like what I was doing to him before.

I then slowly but shorly noticed the only part of his face that I haven't yet memorised,was his lips.

They were plump, in a good way. They were a light cotton candy pink and they were delish. But of course he would notice me steering at them and out of those kissable lips came a husky deep laugh, like he knew what I was thinking about doing to those lips.

With that laugh I was jolted out of my daydream, slowly noticing the other sounds around the meadow. And with coming out of the day dream.

I ran.

No way was I being stuck with another heart throb... It was too soon.

(Tai's P.O.V)

The water was incredible, not to cold and not too hot, just right. So I was surprised when I there was a beautiful girl standing not too far from the edge of the bank.

Her blonde hair was flying to the side of the face as the wind gently picked up. Her legs were long, toned and tan. She had a smoking hot body! Her short shorts were tight enough to show what she had, and she had it, but not tight and small enough to look sluttish.

She was dazing at the waterfall, but my feet automatically walked up to her. When I arrived in front of her and in front of her line of vision she did a little jump, almost like id scared her. And man she looked hot when she was scared. Next thing I know her lovely, attractive face in covered by her hands.

Now knowing what to do I asked "Hello"? Slightly though her fingers i could see her eyes so I knew she was "all there". Out of instinct I took her hands away from her face to see what they hid, and they hid a treasure alright. Her face was incredible.

To stop an awkward moment I asked "are you okay"? Almost immediately in a quavering, high pitching voice she replied "Yeah...Um... the sun was just too bright"!

Her face showed that she was nervous one second, but as quickly as it had come; the cold, detached, emotionless face came back.

So to keep the conversation going I replied "Yeah it's pretty hot. By the way I'm Tai Webb". I put on a sexy smirk that I thought would make her smile back, but instead all I got was a hard stare.

Next thing I know she's put on a fake girly voice and is replying "Hi, I'm Willow Pekoe". What's stuck up her bum? I didn't ever do anything to her to get her to speak to me like that! I mean... I'm Tai Webb!

This girl needs to learn that. So I took a step closer to tell her a piece of my mind when I got stuck just staring at her beauty! Her simple, small nose, her plump but kissable lips, the flowing blonde hair that went down half way between her wait and her...chest! And last but definitely not least.

Her eyes.

There was a dark blue ring on the outside of the iris. Then suddenly, it turned into a baby blue, almost a white centre, before returning to her pupil. They we so stunning I felt like I was staring into her soul.

I felt like I knew her, just from looking deeply into her eyes.

And then suddenly those irises are pointed slightly down, and I noticed she was now staring at something else, that something being my lips.

I smirked then, to bring them out of her trance because I noticed her licking her lips whilst looking at mine.

Well this is interesting.

She actually shows some emotion. Suddenly a laugh bubbled its way up and erupted from my mouth,

I couldn't hold it in. And then all I saw was a flash of colour and she was gone.

Willow was running.


From me?

Hey Guys, heres my next chapter, and in the same day as my first one, im on a role! I need advice of who you recon should be my cast so Please comment!!! Tell me what you think! :)

Sao xx

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