Chapter Four

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We hopped on the first flight back, hoping that everything that is happening makes sense. My head is spinning and I feel nauseous. I tried to look for some Advil in the small backpack I brought in the plane. I noticed that Ethan has been quiet since the phone call. He was the one who told our teacher that we needed to come home immediately due to family issues. Uncle Roger told us not to tell anyone the real reason. I had to lie to my best friend because knowing her, she would have a panic attack. That was the first time I ever lied to her and I felt sick. We promised to each other that honesty will be one of the things that would be important to our friendship. We even sealed it in pinky promise. We were six back then.

I stopped what I was doing and faced my twin. He seemed tired and he almost looked older with the bags becoming visible under his eyes. I touched his hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Hey, everything's gonna be alright."

"You don't know that. Suze, we don't know where he is, we have no idea what is happening to him and he might be dead for all we know. You and I both know that we cannot afford to have another one of our family dead."

"I know Ethan. I know." Tears were forming in his eyes. He was trying not to cry but thinking about Mattie being taken away from us hurts. I mean, why us? Why our family? My parents died when we were young and now this?

I leaned my head on his shoulders as I tried to comfort him. My brother rarely shed tears and when he does it really makes me mad. Whoever has done this messed with wrong family.


Uncle Roger met us at the airport by the entrance. He looked exhausted and serious as if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I definitely understood what he was feeling because my brother and I didn’t even sleep during the flight. Once we reached him he gave us a hug and we dropped our bags to hug him back. We all needed the comfort right now. When my parents died, uncle took it as hard as us probably even worse. He was really close with my dad and my mom, his sister, and seeing that we had to grow up without them at such a young age made it his responsibility to raise us three.

He released us but kept us at a shoulder length distance.

"How are you, kids, holding up?", he asked.

I answered first before my brother could. "Not well. Did you call the cops?"

"This is not the kind of things the cops should be involved with. Get in the car and I'll explain on the way".

He grabbed our luggage while my brother helped him. I entered the car and noticed a GPS that seemed too high-tech for my uncle to have.

"Uncle, since when were you into high-tech gear?"

"Oh that? I keep that around in case of emergencies. And right now, that thing is definitely needed."

"What does it exactly do?"

"Tells me if someone is following us. And shows me different routes back to our place in case someone does follows us.", he said bluntly.

"What do you--"

"Not now Susannah. Once we get home I'll explain more of these things. But right now your brother is in danger and I need to tell you what's really going on.", uncle interrupted.

I simply nodded as he started the car.

5 minutes after we left the airport our uncle started discussing about my older brother's disappearance.

"Your brother was kidnapped during a mission that he took a few days after you guys left. He took it because he was investigating the crash that took your parents away." He said as he was taking a left turn towards the highway.

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