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Really alarm? I just got my sleep and now you decide to wake me up? Dragging myself from my bed, I decided on wearing a All Time Low tee today along with dark red skinny's and once again my favorite pair of worn out vans. This was basically my typical everyday wear, but hey, I wasn't complaining. Most of these bands have a big part of me. I never really been the type to say a band saved me because most fans say it's because they had a hard life. To me, I had a okay life, I just loved the music and emotion it gave me and the way they sung and spoke to fans.

On my way to school, I somewhat dreaded the fact I have to look at Tyler in my History class. Things still wasn't good between us and I'm starting to think it's never going to work out. Why is all my thoughts going straight to him lately? My main focus should be on my schooling, but then again anything is better than thinking abut that.

My first, second, and third class were all going pretty smooth. Most seniors were being lazy and not caring about the classes we have now cause all they want to do is leave here and go home. They were either picking fights with teachers thinking it's okay now, or just skipping all to begin with. It didn't matter to me as long as I was still passing and I didn't have to deal with extra non-sense.

Until, the ending of third period came. Fourth period meant History, and History meant Tyler. I wish I could change my schedule but that couldn't happen at the end of the year at a time like this. All the counselor would say was "Nope. The schedule's are final. Just stick it out and give it your best shot." along with the most fakest smile ever.

Walking in the hallway I see Tyler approaching me and I suddendly want to turn around and head the other way but for some reason my head dissconnected with my body and I kept walking foward only to be face to face with someone who I am growing to hate.

"Hey, Addison. We need to talk."

"Yeah, we do." I say almost in a sad voice, but my annoyed voice overcomes it.

"I'm not sure if I will be able to come to the movies tonight with you guys. I can't really say I'm sorry because I really don't feel like you or your mom would really care if I ditched to begin with."

Giving him a pathetic nod, I walk off.


Fourth period was kind of a blur since I didn't pay much attention to it and I had Juile beside me to take my mind off of things. We chatted about a lot of things, but mostly it was short and straight to the point. I kept getting distracted by the littlest of things, and the most dumbest. I found myself looking at one of the poster boards and noticed how it had two different shades of blue and not just being one.

"... Then my mom started yelling at me about the fact I forgot to put the fruit bowl back in a certain place. Knowing her it'd be in a different place within a hour, so I'm not really seeing the big point here. I probably even helped her!" She laughs a bit which catches me off guard and I look at her with a slight sympathy smile, that we both know I wasn't really paying attention.

Soon as she opened her mouth, the bell rung and I am glad because I didn't want to pretend to listen anymore, and really just wanted to go home and be in my bed all day. We said our goodbyes and I sent a quick thank you that I got out early because of senior privlieges.


Coming home now seemed a bit off, knowing that I won't see Tyler lying across my bed going through everything and tearing up almost everything in my room, but always in the most adorable way. We were almost quite inseparable up until things started fading and highschool took over and basically, him hanging out with a new crowd. I felt like I could almost see a future with him, but now... all I see is my bed.

Getting undressed and not bothering to do much else, I lay against my cold pillow, just wishing that maybe one day, hopefully soon, Tyler would see what he was missing and how good enough I truly am. Feeling the wetness across my cheek, I decide I wouldn't give into my thoughts tonight, well at least right now. 



Looking down, I notice my phone lighting up and "Juile" is across the screen. Opening up the text message it simply says "Goodnight, my beautiful best friend." Almost with another tear in my eye, I quickly wipe it away knowing that this might be the only person who will wish me goodnight for a long time.

I couldn't even bother with a reply, I closed out the message and looked at my phone long and hard, before mindlessly swipping my finger across the screen. Coming apon Instagram again, I notice the little orange thing beside my notification tab. I haven't posted a picture lately, so I'm not really sure what it could be.

Feeling my stomach drop, I notice the user "mikefuentes" there. I quickly tap on the photo and notice it sent me to the picture I felt really curious about and I scrolled through the comments to find what I was looking for.

"It says, Heart. :) My dad always told me to put my heart & soul into everything I do."


With that, I stare at the photo and fall to sleep.

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