Harrie Anderson pushed me up againt the lockers, holding my hands up. The hallways vacant but me and him. Our faces were inches apart, as he gently pushed his lips up against mine. Taylor Swift's  " Kerrigan Rae Byars, wanna play a game? " he asked me. " Sure, whatsitcalled? " (YES, it was meant to not be spaced) " Its called Player. Me & You are the first to ever play it. A girl and a boy are kissing buddies, and whoever gains feelings first loses. " I smirked, " Game. On. " He let my hands go, and ran off. I rubbed my hands over the neon green studs on my bracelet, " He'll never win. "

Later that day, I walked up to Marcus Brown. He had been crushing on me for a while. H etold me himself. I made sure Harrie was in the hallway. A foot distance, good, I thought. I grabbed his tanned neck, and kissed his lips hard. I kinda turned my eyes to the side, to make sure Harrie was looking. He was, and stunned too. I bit my lips and finger-waved goodbye to Marcus. But as soon as I got to the edge of one hall, my eyes locked on something that stabbed me in the heart. Harrie was kissing another girl. I held my head up and walked past them holding a thumbs up to him, even though I wanted to sock him in the arm. Why did it matter so much? I don't really know. All I know is right then and there is I wanted to die.

It was 12:02 A.M. My MACbook bhimed. It was a IM from Harrie. I may have been sleepy, but I'd stay up all night to text him.

HarrieRocsYourSocs: Hey, wyd?

RaeBae: Nm, how's the game going.

HarrieRocsYourSocs: CRAZY GOOD! I kissed I think 10 or 11 girls already.

A lump filled my throat instantly.

RaeBae: LAME! I kissed 13.

I lied, just to see if he would get mad.

HarrieRocsYourSocs: Mann, imma beat u next time.

I almost typed, " I don't wanna play anymore.. " but I didnt, because, 1. I would lose and 2. He would knwo how I really felt about him.

RaeBae: Im getting tired, gnight.

HarrieRocsYourSocs: kk, night *kisses forehead* loooooove u.

Almost, I took it as a true saying. But then I remembered we were just kissing buddies. And that he meant that in a friendly way. I thought about him until I fell asleep. During that time, I devised a plan to make sure I didn't fall for him too hard. Because in a game called ' Player '.... there's no strings attached.

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