Chapter 15

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My hoe ass sisters are never really here anymore, so me and Monique were gonna go to the park to play baseball, which means we were actually just gonna throw, catch and hit balls.

After I got out the shower, I got dressed. I put on black shorts, a black bandeau top with a LA Dodgers button down jersey and black Nike Air Max. I wanted to wear my Dodgers snapback, but I couldn't find it.

"I bet Octavia's punk ass has it," I said out loud.

I walked in her room to see my hat on her dresser. I put it on backwards, buttoned the middle button on the jersey and got my bat. I put my phone in my pocket and got the keys.

When I opened the door, I saw Blake standing there.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" I asked smiling.

I'm not used to him just showing up like this so I was I confused.

"I wanted to see if you wanted to go out with me and DJ," he said, "you look cute by the way."

"Thanks, but I'm about to go pick up Monique. We're going to the park, but yall should come. This will be a good time for yall to meet her," I said walking out and closing the door behind me.

"That sounds cool."

"And since you're already here, you can drive," I said with a big smile.

I got in the backseat of his car and greeted DJ.

"Hey sexy," I said touching DJ's shoulder.

"What's up boo," he winked at me.

Me and DJ had strange ways of greeting each other.

"Do you mind picking up Monique?" I asked Blake as we drove off.

"I don't mind. Where does she live?"

"Take a right at this stop sign and her house is the third one on the right."

We pulled up to her house and I called her.

"Aye hoe, I'm outside. Hurry up," I said in the phone.

"Don't rush me bitch!" she yelled.

"Listen, if you don't hurry up ima come in there and drag you out by ya weave! Now hurry the fuck up!" I laughed.

"Fuck you, I'm coming," she laughed back.

I hung up the phone to see Blake and DJ laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked a little confused.

"You're so mean," Blake said still laughing.

"That's how we are," I laughed, "that's why we're best friends."

Monique finally came out of the house.

"Hi," she said getting in.

"Blake, DJ, this is Monique. Monique, this is Blake and DJ," I said.

"Hey Monique," they said together.

"You didn't tell me you knew Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan!" she whispered loudly.

"You never asked," I said, "I think the real question is, who told you to dress like me today?"

She was basically wearing the same thing, but instead of LA Dodgers stuff, she wore San Francisco Giants.

"Maybe you're the one who's dressed like me."

"Whateverrrrrrrr Monique," I said putting emphasis on the q.


We got to the park and went to the baseball field. I got our bats and gloves, she got the balls. Before anything, I wanted to see if I could still hit, so I had Monique throw a couple balls. I had managed to hit them all.

"I still got!" I yelled.

"Show off!" Monique yelled.

We all just decided to see how far we could hit the balls. Since Blake and DJ are stronger than us, their balls obviously went further.

"I'm bored now. I'm gonna go sit down," I said.

I sat down at this table and everyone else followed. Blake sat by me and Monique and DJ sat on the other side.

"So how long have yall known each other?" DJ asked.

"Since we were five," Monique said.

"Has Briana always been like this?" Blake asked Monique.

"Oh definitely, but that's why I love her."

"Aww," DJ said smiling.

"Shut up," I said.

Monique and DJ continued to talk to each other. They got along really well, which I liked. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, but before I could do what I wanted, Blake tapped my thigh and motioned for me to move closer to him. I moved toward him and he put me on his lap.

•in my head•
What is he doin'?

The wind was blowing causing the jersey to open and at that point, Blake wrapped his arms around my waist. This was all too weird to me.

"When did you get your belly button pierced?" Monique asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

"After you left South Carolina."

"How many piercings do you actually have?" DJ said looking at my ear.

"I have 7 in my left ear, 4 in my right, my tongue and my belly button," I explained, "and one you can't see."

I was lying about that one. I just wanted to see their reaction. Their eyes got big, causing me to laugh.

"I'm just kidding!"

"Can I see it anyway?" Blake whispered in my ear.

My heart was racing, my stomach fluttered and a chill went up my spine. Did he just say that? I turned around to look at him and he had a smirk on his face.

We all continued to talk, but Blake was getting a little touchy-feely under the table. He was rubbing his hand up and down my thigh and kept whispering things in my ear.

•in my head•
Is this nigga flirting or is he just one of those guys whose a pervert to their girl friends?

He moved his hand from my knee all the way up to my thigh which made me jump and laugh a little because I'm so ticklish.

"Um I think we should go," I said smiling a little.

We got up and got everything we brought with us. As we walked back to the car, Blake held my hand. I don't know what's gotten into him, but it was weird.

He drove me and Monique back to my house and walked us to the door. I gave Monique the key so she could go in.

"It was nice meeting you," she said.

"Nice to meet you too," he said back.

She went in the house while I stood outside with Blake. He had his hands in his pockets and was biting his bottom lip. He looked unbelievably sexy right now.

"Thanks for coming with us today," I said.

"No problem," he said in a low voice, "see you tomorrow?"


He gave me the tightest hug, but it was nice. I kinda didn't wanna let go because he smelled good, but we eventually pulled away from each other. He kissed me on the cheek and walked back to his car.

"Bye," he said.


I walked in the house to see Monique standing there with with her arms crossed, smiling.


"What's going on between yall?" she asked grabbing my arm and sitting on the couch.


"Lies you tell! With the way yall were actin' at the park and that long ass hug, he likes you and it's obvious that you like him to," she said smiling.

"Shut up! No I don't!"

She just looked at me in disbelief.

Do I?

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