We went to the cafe to see Trish. By 'we' I mean Blake, Adam, Mia and I. Yes, they tagged along. But I wasn't comfortable. Not only because Mia and I were still not on cool grounds, but also because I felt uneasy seeing Trish again.

The familiar bell which rang when you opened the cafe door sent chills down my spine. Mia and Adam went in first. I stayed with Blake outside for a while. He was still smoking, and I didn't want to leave him outside alone.

Smoking is a bad habit, honestly. I'm not going to say I've never smoked before, because I have. But that was last year, and it wasn't anything serious, it was probably like a cigarette a month. Adam and I wanted to try something new, so we decided to start smoking, but then we stopped after a while, so you see, it wasn't serious.

While Blake and I were still outside, guess who showed up.

Jake and Regan.


I probably smelled like cigarette smoke cos I was standing right next to Blake. Regan and Jake walked past us and they went inside, laughing. You see? I'm busy stressing myself over Jake for nothing.

"Lets go" Blake said. And he took my hand and we went in. the only reason he was holding my hand so tightly is because he knew that I would chicken out and run out.

When I saw Trish I immediately felt a smile on my face. She was sitting on the counter looking as loony as ever. Her now strawberry blond hair was in two ponytails on the sides, and it was extremely long, coming all the way past her shoulders. She was wearing a white mini skirt with an orange string top. For a college student, she looked like she could be 16.

When she saw me, she literally jumped off the counter and came towards me to squish me in a hug that lasted for a good 10minutes. Literally.

I've said this before, Trish is a very emotional person, no joke. I could here her sobbing softly on my shoulder.


"Oh my gosh Aqua!!!" she said, finally releasing me, but she now resolved to shaking me, while gripping my shoulder.

"Hey Trish..." Why do I feel guilty?

"Lets go over to the booth" she said, linking arms with me. She was almost skipping all the way there. Gosh I missed this girl.

We sat down for a while and I thought it would be awkward, but of course it wouldn't be awkward. It was Trish for crying out loud!

Trish, the girl who I've known for four years

Trish, the girl who I spend almost all my holidays with.

Trish, the girl who actually understands me.

Trish, the girl who's like a family I've never had.

Trish, the girl who's brother I'm in love with.


"Sooooo..." I started

she smiled. "How are you sunshine?" she asked.

"Oh I'm fine, how are you?" I said. You know, minus the fact that I'm dying of a heart disease.

I smiled at myself on that last thought. Maybe I would die sooner than later and cause people less sorrow.

Almost as if reading my thoughts,

"You look sick..." she said, frowning for bit.

"Yeah I know..."

"Have you been ill?" she asked, concern written all over her face.


"Have you been to the doctor?"

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