Chapter 25

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-------------BRUNO'S P.O.V-------------


I yelled and yelled as I holded Nala in my arms. Her eyes were barely open and her skin was pale. Her chest quickly went up and down and she was sweating. Her body begged for air and her body started trembling.

"PHILLIP! HELP ME!" I yelled as panic started taking over me. Phillip gave me a panic look and rubbed his head. "PLEASE!"

I turned to Nala with fear inside and holded her tightly in my arms. Her eyes were now halfway closed and she was as pale as snow. I looked around the room for anything that would provide air for her but there was nothing. I tightly holded her hand, scared she would run away when my mind took over. I gently layed her on her back and tilted her chin up. I holded her nose and did something I never though I would do. CPR.


---------------NALA'S P.O.V--------------

I opened my eyes to find Bruno and Phillip with worry in their eyes. I sat back up as my lungs filled with air.

"Are you okay?" Phillip's voice asked suddenly.

"Yeah... I'm fine..." I said as Bruno wrapped his arms around me, my head laying on his chest.

His breathing was fast as one of his hand stroked my hair.

"Thank goodness you're okay." He said in a low voice.

His words played through my head like a broken record. I looked over at Phillip who had seem to calm down when I closed my eyes and let the sound of Bruno's breathing calm me.

We stayed in each other arms for a short period of time when our earlier discussion came to mind. His past. I separated myself from him and stood up from the cold black and white checkered tile floor. I turned my head slightly to check my surroundings when something caught my eye. Now that I could see properly, I noticed the old tables and red leather seats scattered around the abandoned building. There was a counter with red leather stools and a cash register in the middle. This was and old restaurant. My fascination over this lonely place started taking over my mind but not enough to forget about the topic that had to be discussed with Bruno.

"Bruno. We need to talk." I stated, my voice not as strong as intended.

I turned towards him and found him standing next to Phillip. His hands were deep in his front pockets as he let out a sigh. Phillip moved towards me and placed his left hand in my right shoulder.

"I'll go look around the place."

With that said, he left towards the back and left me and Bruno alone. I walked towards one of the old seats and sat down, Bruno doing the same. We sat in front of each other in silence when Bruno spoke.

"Nala... I..."

"Shh." I silenced him. "Bruno. I need to know who you are. I can't go around running from the unknown with two strangers that I have saved my life twice now."

Silence. He ran his fingers through his newly cut hair and sighed again.

"Alright." He said calmly, but his eyes showed sadness.

-------------BRUNO'S P.O.V-------------

"Okay." I paused. "My real name is Peter, but I told you that before. I was born and raised in Hawaii, Honolulu to be exact. I lived with my two parents, my four sisters and my older brother. We were a happy family, always laughing, always singing but as I grew older I got bored and decided to try new things. I started by ditching school and by not doing absolutely none of my school work, you know the usual high school bad boy stuff, but then it got worse."

I took in a deep breathe and licked my dry lips. I glanced over at Nala who had her full attention on me. I took another breathe and continued.

"I started not going to school at all and just hanging out with these group of guys. They used to do drugs and steal stuff from markets and I thought it was cool, thought it was interesting. So, I decided to give it a try. I started doing drugs as well as stealing. I also started smoking and drinking a lot. My parents would always get angry with me for acting like that but I couldn't help it. Even if I tried to stop, I couldn't." I stopped as the memories came flooding in.

"My sisters wouldn't talk to me and my brother, eric, wouldn't even look at me. I was a mess. But then i met her."

"Who?" Nala's sweet voice asked.

"Anabeth. She was beautiful. Brown straight hair, brown eyes, beautiful smile. She was my whole world."

"Were did you meet her?" Nala asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

"At a bar. She was drinking with some of her friends and I bumped into her. I instantly fell in love with her. I would take her out on dates and made sure she had everything. She helped me to stop drinking, to stop doing drugs and stealing as much and even though I never got caught or arrested, she helped me face many things. She didn't care about my past, all she cared about was the present and the present was her.We lived together and went out for two years and during those two years, I was actually a good person. My family talked to me again and I was emotionally fine."

I glanced at Nala, waiting for her to ask a question but she remained quiet.

"One day, I was home alone, waiting for Anabeth to get home when I got bored and decided to go out and take some fresh air. I walked and walked and I ended up at a store close to our house. I bought some of Anabeth's favorite things and my eyes soon landed on a pack of beers. I knew I was not supposed to drink anymore but I missed the taste of the sour liquid so I bought it. I went home, put the stuff away and grabbed a beer. I started drinking it and by the time Anabeth got home, I had drank six of them. She got mad at me and we ended up fighting. She ran out of the house and I ran after her... I just wish I would have ran faster."

"What happened?" Nala questioned.

"I went outside as I screamed her name when I saw a tall man pointing a gun at her head. I ran towards them but I was too slow. He shot her right in front of me. I screamed her name even though she couldn't hear me. I cried but then anger took over me. I punched the man and took the gun away from his hands. I pointed it at his head and cried. He stood frozen. Before I could do anything, my parents arrived and so did the police. I don't remember much after that except that I wasn't the same. I couldn't stand being in the same house where she died. Where I could have saved her! I couldn't."

I stopped as I felt a tear slide down my eyes. Nala holded my hands and wiped a tear from my eyes, something I did to her.

"So I left. I left Hawaii and moved to LA. I bought a house with some of the money I had saved and soon met Phillip. I tried getting jobs but nobody would hire me so I decided to make a living of my old bad habits. It worked for me and it still does."

She looked down as she took everything in.

"But then I met you. When I saw you in the street with Drew... I felt like you were Anabeth. I had to protect you. I couldn't bare to see someone die infront of me again. I couldn't."

More tears fell from my eyes. She holded my hands tightly and wiped more tears.

"You're my second chance and I can't loose you like I lost Anabeth."

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