Chapter 38 - Acceptance

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Third Person's POV

Calum immediately grabbed the tests and hid it. Luke has this angry look on his face and Calum has never seen it before. It terrifies Calum to the point that it made him sat down on the bed.

'T-This isn't m-mine, i-its Michael's!' Calum said and Luke throw him crumpled prescription papers. 'Still isn't yours?!' Luke yelled and Calum broke into tears.

'I-I'm sorry! P-Please don't make me get rid of our child!' Calum said through sobs.

Luke's face immediately soften, he felt his clenched fist unclenched. He quickly rushed to Calum, kneeling before him and putting his hands on the boy's lap.

'Cal, its okay don't cry. Calm down first and we're gonna talk.' Luke said and Calum cried loudly. 'You're gonna make me get rid of it!' Calum cried and Luke is shaking his head.

'Cal, baby listen to me, we aren't gonna get rid of the baby.' Luke said and Calum looked up at him, wiping his tears.

After a minute, Calum obviously calmed down and Luke sat beside him, hugging the maori boy side ways.
'Calum, you don't know how happy and mad I was when I found out you were pregnant.' Luke said. 'Like, I am so happy I'm gonna be a father even though I don't fucking know how to change diapers, and even though I know I am not ready for commitments. But I am also so mad, because you didn't tell me.' Luke said and Calum looked down, fiddling.

'I noticed that something was off and something was wrong. So I tried and I figured it out. Calum you don't how much I wanted to just kiss you and take care of you, go out in the middle of the night to find weird cravings, deal with hormones and all. I was just waiting for you to tell me.' Luke said and Calum said a whole bunch of I'm sorry.

'And now I will see you packing your things, moving them to Canberra, without even telling me about our child? How am I supposed to deal with that?' Luke asked and Calum started crying again.

'But now that you know, that I will take care of the baby, and that I will him or her to the bones, Calum I can see it in your eyes, you will stay.' Luke said and Calum nodded.

'I-I wanted us to be a happy family, a family that cares for each other, I want all of it Luke.' Calum said.

'And do you think if you leave, without telling he about our baby, do you this we can be a happy family? No.' Luke said and Calum nodded.

'So from now on, Calum I promise you one thing. I will be there for you and the baby.' Luke said and Calum nodded while smiling.

Luke stood up and grabbed Calum's hand, standing him up before lifting him into the air. 'I'm gonna be a dad!' Luke said as triumphantly cheered.

'Yeah, you are gonna be a dad.' Calum said as Luke brought him down.

Calum grabbed Luke's face and kissed him. 'We're gonna be a dad.'


its been at least, a week. Since Calum and Luke was okay again. Actually, Luke has started making Calum sleep on his bedroom, cause he wants to see them and take care of them and be close to them when they need something.

Luke has a rough day. His patients are highly active today and he doesn't know what is with today. He barely ate at work and good thing calum cooked for him. Luke is so mad at his coworkers because they don't have too much patients today.

So when Luke got home, by foot cause his tires suddenly got flat and he had to tow it, he was mad. But when he saw Calum , talking to the baby, saying sweet nothings and that his other dad will be home soon, and that he will kiss him, Luke immediately soften up.

But Luke wasn't expecting this.

'Luke wake up.' Calum shook Luke who just turned away.

'Lukey I said wake up.' Calum said and poked Luke's back. Luke grumbled and went to sleep. Calum got annoyed so he hit Luke's back roughly.

'Wake the fuck up!'

'I'm up! What is it?' Luke asked as he immediately sat up, rubbing his eyes.

'I was wondering...'

'What is it?'

'I want ferrero rocher and we ran out. Also white chocolates.'

And this is where the waking up in midnight to buy food starts.


My dog died and it was so hard for me because he did just before I have to go to school. This morning mum brought him to the doctor to asked for changes since his second vitamins ran out. When she came back, she said to me that my dog would be like on life support. Its either we let him be paralyzed or just inject him to mame him sleep. Of course mum chose to have one more bag of vitamins in a dextrose, I was crying because I was touching him and he seems right. But then after a while, I was about to leave when mum said my dog died. I had to go to school crying and kept on telling everyone that when I come home, my dog will welcome me. With a wag of a tail and a bark.

It was so hard for me cause I spent half of my life with him. And I spent days and hours taking care of him and he would just disappear.

This chapter sucks cause I do too.

~ Anne.

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