The Stargirl.

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Hi everyone. I'm so sorry for being MIA. I haven't been feeling great health-wise, so I had to focus on myself. I'm trying to get back to things, so hopefully, I can satisfy y'all with double updates. You know what to do with the comments 🥰

Also in the above picture, pretend it's Y/n and it says Y/n ☝🏼

Kendall's Pov.

I knew Y/n and Hailey were getting extremely close. They have always been close, but recently, they have been closer than before. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't jealous because I am. I still love Y/n with my entire being, but after what happened between us, I don't know how to feel.

I mean, I love her, but do I deserve to love her?

Should I let her slowly forget about me and try to love someone else?

The thoughts always consumed my mind, and I sometimes let scenarios build up in my head about what life would be like without Y/n, and it hurt.

Maybe some people view it as dramatic, but I've never loved someone the way I love Y/n and the only person who knows that is me because I know what I'm like when I love someone.

And I have never loved anyone the way I love Y/n.

We sat at the table, finished our food, and stayed for a while to catch up with each other. I ordered myself another drink when I saw Abel walk into the restaurant with the guys and Y/n trailing not too far behind.

I moved my gaze over to Y/n and sighed to myself, missing her. I missed her so much.

Y/n spotted us and smiled, waving in our direction, making the boys look our way.

Kylie: "Y/n/n!" She shouted, catching everyone's attention.

It's a good thing the majority of the people have left already.

Y/n: "Hey Kylie, girls." She smiled, arriving at our table.

Hailey: "I thought rehearsals were going to run late today." Y/n hugged everyone and sent me a small smile while the guys greeted us.

Y/n: "It was, but everything went according to plan, so we didn't have to go through much. I decided that the guys and I should get some food and just relax," she shrugged.

Bella: "And you bumped into us?" Y/n chuckled.

Y/n: "I always seem to bump into you girls wherever I go," they all hummed.

Gigi: "You can admit that you stalk us. It's okay." She joked, causing the younger girl to scoff and smile at her.

Y/n: "You wish," she winked.

Abel: "Alright, we will get a table and leave you girls to talk." He patted her shoulders and smiled at us.

Kendall: "You could join us," I spoke without thinking. Everyone exchanged looks with each other, making Y/n scratch the back of her neck.

Y/n: "We wouldn't want to intrude-"

Gigi: "It's okay, we don't mind." Gigi gave me a look and tried to talk them into joining us.

They sighed before nodding before grabbing some spare chairs and squeezing their way between all of us. I watched them all make themselves comfortable and let my gaze linger on Y/n longer.

Y/N always managed to look good, even on what some people might think was her worst day. I loved everything about her and God did I miss her smiling at me, holding me and not fighting over stupid things.

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