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The next day,

I waved to the guys as my uber drove down the street, I made sure with them that it was fine for me to go for a few days and they were ok with it. My flight to Australia leaves in 1 1/2 hours, and the trip should take around 28 hours, that's going to be fucking fantastic, sarcasm.

We arrived at the airport, I thanked my driver before grabbing my bags and walking to Terminal 4. I anxiously went through the security check and sat down in one of the uncomfortable chairs. I bounced my leg nervously, what if she doesn't want me to visit her? What am I kidding of course she does, but she might- I don't know.

"Flight 749 to Sydney, Australia boarding now" My stomach flipped as I walked towards the corridor.


Scar's P.O.V

The world blackened around me, I'm surrounded by darkness. A street light turns on, but the man stood beneath it. His red eyes contrasted under his black coat, an evil smirk placed on his lips. He put his arm in front of him and beckoned me towards him. Despite my fear, I felt my legs start to move towards him. I reached the "human" and he gripped my shoulders, fangs shot out of his gums and I screamed as he plunged them into my throat.

Ricky's P.O.V

It was late by the time I had landed in Sydney, and my heart was pounding. I stared at the passing houses and cars as Scar's Mum, Beth sang softly in the drivers seat. I messaged her as the plane was landing and explained everything, we arranged for her to come pick me up.

"So, Ricky. Are you exited to finally meet Scarlett?" Beth asked, her focus never left the road. Scarlett is Scar's real name, but she hates it.

"I've been waiting forever, I'm beyond terrified" I said with a nervous chuckle. Beth laughed and lent over to pat my knee.

"Your going to be fine, she's going to freak!" She said trying to comfort me, but I don't think I'll be comforted until I have Scar in my arms.

"How far are we from the house?" I asked, Beth thought for a second and told me we don't have long to go.

I stared aimlessly out of the window in deep thought until I felt the car stop.

"Were here! Scarlett should be in her room, I'll guide you there" Beth said, we got out of the car and I got my bag from the boot. I followed Beth through the front door and up the stairs, we stopped in front of a door on the left side of a corridor.

"Here we are, good luck" She said and pat me on the back before heading downstairs.

This is it.


Scarlett's P.O.V

I head banged softly to Ricky's band, Motionless in White blasting through my headphones. I hadn't heard of Motionless until I started talking to Ricky, but now they are definitely one of my favourite bands.

I scrolled through Tumblr and checked the time, Ricky usually would've texted me by now, and he isn't on tour? It's our one year and he hasn't texted me. I changed to the messenger app and bought up Ricky's name.

Scar ❤️ - Hey baby, how are you?

Ricky's P.O.V

I was seconds away from knocking the door when my ringtone went off. I jumped and quickly put my phone on silent, it's a text from Scar.

Scar ❤️ - Hey baby, how are you?

I gulped and wrote a text back.

Ricky xxx - Hey baby girl. I'm kinda busy at the moment, but I'll see you soon?

I heard a few confused mutters in her room and decided it was time. I raised my hand to the door and knocked, I heard footsteps walking towards the door.

Scar's P.O.V

I scanned over Ricky's reply a few times,

"What does he mean he will see me soon?" I muttered to myself, I pulled my headphones out as the song ended and a few seconds later a quiet knock echoed through my room. I sighed and stood up.

"Mum! I don't want anything I eat!" I said angrily as I threw open the door. I blinked a few times and gasped. I instantly threw my arms around his neck and tears pooled out of my eyes. Ricky chuckled and dropped his bags before pulling me as close to him as possible. I started walking backwards, never letting go of him until my knees hit the corner of the bed, I fell and Ricky landed on top of me.

"I can't believe your here!" I yelled and stared into his sparkling blue eyes, slightly glistening with tears.

"Happy one year, baby" he said and smashed his soft lips against mine. I've been waiting so long for this moment. I moved my lips in sync with his, dragons flew around my stomach as he moved his hands to my hips. I giggled and tangled my fingers in his hair and tugged slightly. He moaned softly and smiled against my lips. A few minutes later he pulled away and stared into my eyes, he delicately moved my fringe behind my ear.

"I love you so much" He whispered, placing a small kiss on my forehead letting it linger for a few seconds.

"I love you too" I giggled.

"Forever and fucking always" Ricky said happily and buried his head into my neck.

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