Baby | Ricky Horror Imagine

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Its really short, sorry about that. But I hope you guys enjoy :)

Y/N's P.O.V

I sighed into my pillow and scrolled through my music list. My boyfriend, Ricky has been working at the studio since the early hours of the morning. I checked the time and saw that it was almost 11pm and he still wasn't home. I finally picked a song and Miss Murder by AFI blasted through my small Bluetooth speaker on my dressing table. I sang softly and tapped my finger on my thigh.

"You have a beautiful voice" I jumped and saw Ricky leant against the doorframe, a cheeky smile appeared on his pale face.

"Richard! You scared me" I groaned at my chuckling boyfriend. He slipped off his shirt revealing his perfect body and climbed into bed with me and wrapped his arm around my waist from behind.

"I'm sorry, I love you" He whispered and moved my hair behind my ear and pressed a light kiss to my neck.

"I love you too, asshole" I giggled and he hid his face in the crook of my neck.

"Did you get a lot of work done today?" Ricky nodded and set his phone on the bedside table.

"We finished writing two songs and recorded some vocals, that's about it" Ricky yawned, he has been working in the studio everyday for the past two weeks, they really want to release their new album, Graveyard Shift as quickly as they can, but they are taking their time to make the album the best album they have ever created.

"I'm proud of you, you've done so much for this band" I smiled and rolled over so I was facing him. He rested his hand on my waist and slowly slid it down to my thigh.

"Do I get a reward?" He smirked and pulled my body to his. A smirk rose on my face and he started to kiss my neck.

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