I got a hangover, wo-oh! I’ve been drinking too much for sure.

Arriving to the studio where the judges were meeting us, all of us were thrilled. Willow Carter, Isabelle Sparks, and another judge by the stage name of J-Flip were there. Willow and Isabella were both dressed in nice dresses, but J-Flip was wearing a snapback and a hoodie, making it hard for anyone to see his face.

“First of all, welcome to the ABDC studio,” Willow greeted us. “You all have been selected amongst thousands of crews to be here and I hope you realize what is going to be lying ahead of you. We will go over the rules first. Each crew here has access to a smaller studio that is available to them twenty-four-seven.

Secondly, all wardrobe requests have to be in three days before the actual performance. And same goes for any specific prop requests.”

She took a breath and Isabella took over, “Any cheating will not be tolerated and same goes for drug use. If you are caught, you will be immediately booted out with no exception. Judges will be giving you honest feedback and we do not wish for you to speak back and retaliate anything. Judges will be respected.

Out host, Marshall Kennedy, is going to talk to you a few times over the competition to get to know more about you and he will also be responsible for the microphone that allows you to communicate with the judges during the show.”

And then, it was J-Flip, “I don’t think that this is necessary, but any girls who are pregnant have to drop out now. We are all about safety and we do not wish to risk your well-being while you are on the show.

In addition, the crews will each get a change to work with a filming crew that we can show when we introduce you to the public. You will only have two days to finish filming, so I suggest you get cracking at coming up with ideas.

Lastly, while the whole show will only be around twelve weeks and we expect you to be completely committed throughout the whole duration.”

I got a hangover, wo-oh! I’ve got an empty cup, pour me some more.

Once the whole rules drill was finished, we were assigned a filming crew to help us with the introduction video. I had a few ideas of what to say, but there was nothing that really stood out about us. We are a crew, we dance, we are friends. Done. What else is there to say? Some cheesy background story like some crews have.

A crew on here called, iDanceForeva, claimed that they named the group after a mutual friend that died of leukemia. A few even had their chants, morals, and other things, but for us, we just dance. We don’t have anything spectacular to talk about…apart from secrets that should never be revealed.

“Any ideas?” Westley asked me. I shook my head.

“I have some, but they sound pretty bad,” I winced. “We could always talk about how tough it is to grow up as underprivileged dancers…well you can. And you can also talk about how you were rejected before you were accepted. That’s about it…”

“Why don’t we just talk about how we met and how we have progressed together,” Adrian shrugged.

“Lame,” Harley rolled his eyes, “why are we even doing this?”  

So, I can go until I blow up, and I can drink until I throw up.

With no idea in mind, we basically improvised throughout the whole video, but the producers seem to like it. We were natural and we were ourselves. Some crews sounded completely fake and they were more interested to please the crowd than themselves.

Our video was most just us talking about ourselves and giving them a small autobiography about us growing up and how dance has affected us as a person. It was so typical and overused, but we did it anyways – we didn’t have any other ideas.