A Horrid Christmas

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Ever since Kaname and my little sister, Yuki, had left, all I did was wander around the campus during class. Headmaster continues to work and look over the Cross Academy students, but with more security around. Because Kaname left me in charge, like usual, I have more burden to carry upon my very shoulders. It had snowed for the past three days, so now there is a huge sheet of snow across the forest floor, as I walked on it.

I flew gently over the snow, practically what you call walking on snow. even though the snow was probably like four feet tall. I hope that Yuki is safe, and Kaname is protecting her on every step she takes. I cupped both of my hands and looked up to the sky, as a little snowflake fell in my hands. I had lost a bit of my joy when I let go of Yuki. I started to head back towards the Moon Dorms, where Ren greeted me at the gates.

"Lady Tsukumo, where were you? I've been looking for you all over the campus", he said, rushing over to my side. I gave him a faint smile, and walked with him, inside the dorms. Once we were inside, I took of my sweater, and gave it to Ren to put away. He offered me a seat on the couch where everyone used to sit. I poured myself a cup of tea, and sighed. It has been probably a year since the two had left. Every aristocrat except Aido had left me to go with Kaname, to help him. But every other vampire had stayed to be under my rule.


I turned my head to face Aido, who ran towards me with a pale face, his eyes full with worry. Something wasn't right, if he acted that way. I stood up immediately, and Ren followed.

"Yuki and Kaname's home has been infiltrated by a strong pureblood vampire and his followers!"

That sentence alone, changed my life. I ran out the doors of the Moon Dorm, and urged my power to increase my speed. I ran all the way to the Kuran Mansion, with Aido and Ren at my tail.

Once I got there, I stopped at my tracks. There were fires spreading through out a torn looking building. Wails and cries were heard, as my eyes searched for my family and friends. I saw a huge cluster of Level C vampires crowded around a smaller group of vampires. Ruka, Rima, Akatsuki, and Senri formed a circle, while Kaname protected Yuki as they tried to escape. I ran as fast as my legs allowed me to, towards them.

I unleashed my anger, fury, and anxiety upon the Level C vampires that attacked my friends and family. I slashed down as many as I can, as they averted their attention to me.

"Run!", I yelled at Kaname. "Take Yuki with you and go far away or to the Academy!" I shoved a vampire away from me and clenched my hands into fists. Blue gentle mist escaped from my hands, as I released it against the vampires that stood in my way.

"You dare defy me and injure my family!", I roared. All my blue eyes can see, were red. The color red, burned itself into my memory. I felt my anger vanish suddenly, and I fell to my knees. The red disappeared from my sight, as I held my head in my hand. I pressed my fingers onto my temples on the side of my forehead, trying t calm my headache.

"Just... what exactly has happened to me?", I muttered, sitting on a stone marble floor. I looked around, and I couldn't bring up what happened. I'm in a beautiful garden full of pastel blue roses, the full moon rising up and shining it's light down on me. I shakily stood up, and tried to look for my family.

"Yuki? Kaname?"

No one answered me as I walked around the endless garden. Not a person or vampire in sight. Suddenly, I felt an pain that I can't explain in the bone of my arm. I quickly glanced at my arm, where a blue neon tattoo started to draw itself on my right arm. Then the tattoo changed to black, but I tried to rub it off. 

"I'm sorry, but that won't come off by itself."

I turned my head to the right and saw a man with a black suit, leaning on a bench. He stood up correctly, and began walking towards me. I waited until he stared at me face to face.

"Let me explain this situation. Right now, you are surrounded by a blue orb that is indestructible in the real world. You are part of the Unnaturals. You control the water, air, and weather. You have two other  friends you met in your life that you must either rule over, or under them. One controls the ground, plant growth, and youth. The other one controls fire, heat, and natural disasters," the man said.

"So, I'm encased in a blue orb right now?"

"Yes, you are right."

"You wanna... like let me out? I understand what you said to me, but can I go now?"

"No, not yet. I need to give you something", the man said urgently. He grabbed my hand, and in a flash, a memory played in front of me. everything I had done with my parents before I had been left alone. A tear escaped from my dry eyes, and the man quickly placed the tear in a gold, clear and empty flask that attached itself to a gold chain. The necklace glowed a brilliant blue, and hung itself on my neck.

"Don't lose this. Only you can create these magnificent stones. Do not give these to the other two girls. You guys are the bride candidate to the Vampire King."

In a sudden movement, he waved his hand and my eyes felt heavy. I felt my eyes roll back into my head, and fall. The last thing I saw was him catching me.

Once I woke up, I got a MAJOR headache. What a great Christmas, you know. All I saw was blue... water-stuff glowing around me. I felt like a chicken in a egg. What's worse? I can be claustrophobic sometimes. I started to panic, and I blew the blue sphere up. Kaname calls me a ticking time bomb now, and I am. I will freaking bomb everyone in this world if they lock me up in a coffin. I need to at least have three inches of the coffin open so I can continue on to my million year SLEEP.


Sorry about my ranting.

I'm sorry for the short chapter but I will continue to make longer chapters than this!

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