Liam's shoulders pressed into the back of the couch, the pressure on his hips keeping him there. David's large hand reached up, his fingertips grazing the soft, ivory skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake. Liam let a shiver loose, leaning forwards with a shy smile. A hand on his jaw tipped his head sideways, bringing him forwards until a rougher set of lips touched his own.

David, arm around Liam's slim waist, pulled him up gently, his body sliding backwards so it was now pressed into the arm of the couch. Liam, of course, came willingly. His wrapped lazily around his neck, fingers meeting in the middle while his body relaxed atop the older man's. David sucked on Liam's bottom lip, as he blissfully fell into the feeling of Liam Payne. His lips were so perfect, and always had him coming back for more, no matter what.

Liam's hands slowly moved so that they were now on either side of David's head, before the smaller boy slowly brought his body up so that his torso dragged across David's. Liam's movement caused David's top to ride up, not that the man cared, he was too lost in the feeling of Liam's crotch slowly dragging across the bottom of his torso.

Liam's tongue dipped into his mouth, his body moving up so he was leaned over him. His hips, clothed in their jeans, grazed up David, dragging across the dark happy trail that disapearred beneath the waistband. A rumble of pleasure left his throat, prompting Liam to repeat the action again.

David's teeth drug gently across Liam's bottom lip, his own hands sliding down his sides to take a grip on his waist. Caramel eyes opened slowly, and he looked up at Liam's face to be met with a pair of dark brown eyes staring down at him. Liam frowned a little, due to the possessive grip that David's large hands had suddenly taken on the boy's hips, but this only made a low chuckle emit from the man's throat. David's teeth slowly dragged along Liam's bottom lip for the second time, before he pushed his hips up in a rough movement, which caused his manhood to rub against Liam's own. The British boy's eyes fluttered closed from David's rough movements, and his mouth dropped into a perfect little 'o' shape, as his hands fell lazily once more around his lover's neck. David leaned his head forward and closed the small gap between him and the small vein that was beating visibly in Liam's throat. He sucked on the soft skin of Liam's neck, a firm smile still ironed onto David's perfect pink lips.

"Not so hard..." Liam whispered, letting his head drop gently against David's temple. His teeth had been digging in roughly, barely causing a small twinge of pain. At once, the pressure ceased, being replaced with the same pair of lips on the hollow of his throat, sucking greedily. David's fingers dug into the jean material that clung to Liam's hips and legs, managing to scrape him through it.

Liam's fingers curled around the ends of David's shirt, pulling it higher than it already was. He simply pushed away to lift it off and toss it to the carpet below. The hands were back around his waist again, but Liam pushed them off. David was confused until Liam pressed a kiss into his jaw, then down along his collar, running his hands down his sides as he moved.

Liam made David purr beneath him. His lips left not one inch of the sweet skin untouched. He moved slowly, darting his tongue across every little red mark he left. It wasn't long before his mouth encircled one nipple, twisting his head and sucking gently, making it swell under his tongue. David arched up into him, his lids fluttering briefly before Liam switched, giving the other the same attention. Again, the tip of his tongue ran down between his ribs, going right over the happy trail. Only did he stopped the his lip brushed the tough hem of his jeans.

David raised his flushed face, looking down at the pale, trembling fingers that undid the button and pulled the zipper down. Fingertips dipped below, brshing the hot skin just above his boxers. "Li, we don't hav-..." The sentence trailed into a soft, surprised gasp, when Liam's lips touched the stretched fabric that covered him. He didn't realize his jeans were down around his ankles.

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