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Pen Your Pride

This is my second time re posting this story.Please comment, fan or vote..I really wanna know what you think of LOV  To The Freakin'  E.I hope you enjoy the story!

I chose to dedicate this chapter to bnj2011 because she is a fantastic writer and of love "Forgive and Forget" Its and fantastic story about to people who love each other but, didn't know it yet.That's one thing that inspired me to write this story.

L-O-V to the Freakin’ E


Love – A strong positive emotion of regard and affection

I doubt that I will ever find love, If that the definition that's being used. I have had crushes and a boyfriend (One that ended up being a total jerk) but, that doesn't mean I'll find full blown, heart wrenching, mind blowing love. I'll probably be alone and have 30 cats in my house and saying “Here kitty kitty”,before I find the…one. The one that I can call mine. The one that will all ways be there. The one that I know will stay. Or maybe I already have.......

To me, love is like an endless horror movie marathon, that goes on and on and on. You keep watching it and even when it gets to the bad and cheesy parts you’ll still be watching just to see what happens. You want it to end at some points but, it still goes on.Thats what love is really like.

Chapter 1

"Drop the cupcake and no one gets hurt!" I yelled at my best friend from across the cafeteria table. Austin will never learn.

Rule #1 that is on a need to know basis about me is, never and I mean NEVER steal my food or someone will lose an Arm.In this case it was going to be Austin with a missing limb.

"Come on Case! I just want a bite." He said smirking at me

.I swear this boy has some kind of disorder which causes him to do the opposite of whatever someone tells him to do.

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