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odell's point of view.

Today was the day we played the Dallas Cowboys and I was mad and ready to compete at the same time.

"Run to the twenty and I'll throw the dime to you," Eli commaneded to me in the huddle with an authoritative tone.

Nodding my head, we went into our respective positions, waiting for Eli to signal to us wide receivers to run the play.

It was third down and we needed eight yards to make the first down.

Running my route as fast as I could before our quarterback got into a bad situation, I made the DB miss, but making a stupid mistake in the process.

I got the first down, but the ball slipped out of my hand because of the wet weather.

"Fuck!" I yelled out in frustration as I ran off the field.

The offense of the Cowboys ran on, making me bump into Zeke in the process.

"I'm the running back, but I could have caught that rock with my eyes closed," he boasted with a smile.

Going over to visitors' sideline, I shrugged off the pats on the back by my teammates as I slammed my helmet into the kicker's net.

"Baby don't let him get to you!" Gabby consoled me from behind as I turned around to face her.

With me seeing her here, she replaced my sour mood into a good one.

I kissed her on the lips as she ran her fingers through my wet hair.

"I won't baby."

"That's right Obbie! I'll show you how much you mean to me," she whispered seductively into my ear, getting a grin from me.

Licking my lips, I told her to go back into the stands before we both got into trouble.

Even though we lost badly, I was still excited for what's going to happen tonight.


Closing the door to the room of the hotel.

I didn't even say a word before I pulled her into a passionate kiss.

It has been about a week since I explored her lips because of work, but now I was going to savor it.

Gently bringing her down onto the bed, I knew I was in for a treat when I saw the lust in her eyes.

It felt so good to have her back in my arms and I was going to make sure she knew that tonight.

After she took off my shirt and I took off hers, I trailed light feathered kisses on her skin making her mouth produce the most sexiest moan I have ever heard.

She rubbed her hands through my abs as I tasted her sweet skin as if it was my first time doing so.

She was very delicious.

Pressing against her, I let her know what she was doing to me. She ground her hips against mine, making me groan at the precious feeling.

Did she not know what she was doing to me?

She obviously didn't know at the rate she was going.

Taking it no more, I wanted her now.

Ripping her pants and undergarments off, I began trailing kisses from her neck down to her navel.

Licking my lips, she smelt so delicious.

Entering one of my fingers into her womanhood, she arched her back in satisfaction.

Pulling my finger out, I tasted my baby girl for the first time in a long time.

"You taste so good," I said in a raspy voice as I lowered my head down between her chocolate thighs.

Licking and sucking her folds, I watched her as she closed her eyes in pleasure.

Just knowing that I was unraveling her made me feel like I was the shit.

She was beautiful and I was fortunate to have her all to myself.

"Obbbbiiiiieeeee!!!!" She screamed as I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders.

Sucking her throbbing flower even harder than before, I knew she about come undone when she started to pull at my hair.

Someone was eating pineapples earlier. I thought to myself as I ate her out.

After she rode out of her high, I stood up from the bed and left to go get a condom from my suitcase.

"What are you doing?" She asked, propping her arms on the bed to watch me.

"Giving you the best night of your life."

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