Chapter 15

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I hold Becca on my hip, her face buried in my neck and hold Tyler's trembling hand. The sun sinks below the horizon taking the warmth from the air. The wind is chilled as it blows off the ocean. The ambulance's lights swirl around and the sirens blare loudly through the night. 

Two paramedics lift Ms. Stanley's body onto a stretcher and push it into the ambulance. The doors are slammed shut and the ambulance accelerates down the road, its choatic siren echoeing until I can barely see it. 

"Where are they taking her?" Tyler asks softly

"To the hospital." I say walking over to car and putting Becca in her carseat. 

"I dont like the hospital." Becca whines

"Me niether, but we need to check on your mom." I respond starting the car. 

We dive along the highway towards the hospital. The car is silent as we all expect the worst. 

We pull into the parkinglot and I pick Becca up. Tyler follows me through the doors and into the hospital. I talk to the leady at the front desk and a tall doctor appraoches us.

"Excuse me, are you with Ms. Stanley?"

"Yes, how is she?" I ask

"Ms. Stanley's is in emergency surgery right now," the doctor responds, "we need to stabalize her brain activity which will take the whole night. But she will be fine after surgery." 

"Will she then remember us?" Tyler asks

"Well kid, when it comes to the brain we never know what could happen but chances are..." the doctor responds before walking back down the hallway. 


"Mawy, I'm sleepy I wanna go home." Becca murmers from my arms

"Alright lets go." I say walking back out the door and into the car. 

We arrive at the house and both of the kids are asleep. I pick up Becca and carry her inside, upstairs, and into her room. I set her on her bed as her head rolls back onto her pillow. I unbraid her hair and pull the covers over her, before walking back to the car to get Tyler. 

I open his side of the door and his eyes flutter open. He climbs onto my back and I trudge inside to his room. I tuck him into his covers and hand him his moose before flicking out the lights. 

"Good night" I whisper closing his door.


I wake up as something next to me rustles. I turn over to find Becca laying next to me. Her little head barely pokes out from under the duvet as she looks up at me and giggles. 

"Your bed is comfy!" she giggles

I smile, "I know and and think yours is to?" 

"Yeah, but I was sad so I came in heawe!"

"Well today we are going to have fun!" I respond smiling as I climb out from under the warm covers. She crawls out too and jumps onto my back, "Lets goo!" she shouts

I run into Tyler's room, Becca bouncing around on my back laughing. 

"Tyler!" she yells hopping off my back and jumping onto a breathing lump in Tyler's bed. 

"Ah!" Tyler says sticking his head out from his blankets. 

"Supwise!" Becca laughs 

"What are we doing?" Tyler asks confused

I laugh, "anything you want!"

"Well I wanna play quidditch, like Harry Potter!" Tyler yells jumping out of his bed.

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