|Jacksepticeye| "Light At The End Of The Tunnel"

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Trigger Warning | Suicidal Reader

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Trigger Warning | Suicidal Reader

You walked along the dimly lit street; the wind picked up the strands of your hair as you sighed deeply. Tears stained your cheeks as you sniffed. The cold nipped at your cheeks as you continued to walk, light flickering in a melody above you. A frown continued to plaster your face. You looked up now and then only to see, yet again dark alleyways and more pubs. Which meant more drunk men would be prowling the streets.

You'd caught your boyfriend cheating. The thought of the one who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, gone within a door opening at the wrong time. You wished you hadn't seen it, then you wouldn't have known, and maybe everything would have been fine. However, you hadn't felt this sick, useless or.... Suicidal in a long time. Not since you were around sixteen when your mum died. You continued to walk the familiar route passing the park, then the gym, finally coming to a halt at the bridge, below that, a motorway which was never empty. The wind whipped at your cheeks, moving the hair from your bloodshot eyes. You quietly sobbed as you placed your shaky hands on the rail, moving your feet up each bar. You looked down at the motorway watching as headlights appeared then disappeared. You looked up and softly smiled as tears continued to roll down your red cheeks.

"I'm sorry mum, I'm not powerful enough. I love you so much, I love dad too, but I haven't seen him for some time since I moved out with him... The one I wanted to have children with, the one I loved... The one I wanted to marry and die with..." You cried out loudly.

You looked back down off the ledge taking one step until a firm grasp clung onto your arm. "Get off me!" You cried out, not looking at the person behind you.

"Hey come on. I know you must be feeling upset but, your mother wouldn't want to see you like this pet. Come on down, let me help you."

"Why would you want to help me... I'm useless! What's the point of living, if no one loves you!"

"Your parents do, the man who has hurt you shouldn't matter to you, he's not worth your life. Come on; it's alright, I can help you."

You sniffed slightly again, before building up the courage to look back at the person who had been talking you down for the last five minutes. He stood in a dark blue v-neck with skinny black jeans, you looked at his features, the first thing that you noticed was the bright green hair that sat on his head like grass. He smiled at you, his pearly white teeth shining. He held out his hand for you, you glanced back at the motorway and nodded, reaching your shaky, pale hand towards his. He took it and gently guided you off the ledge, you stood together on the bridge for a few moments before he spoke up.

"I'm Seán by the way."

"Y/N." You sniffed wiping your eyes with your sleeve.

"Hey come on, I know a little cafe close by." He smiled taking your hand in his. You had, to be honest, you were shocked by his actions, the way he made you feel when he held your hand was so much 'warmer' than your previous boyfriend. It felt as if his hands could melt ice. You faintly smiled as he looked back at you.

"That's better." He smiled.

You arrived at the small cafe, Seán held the door for you as you walked in, your eyes still red and puffy. He ordered you both some drinks.

"Here hot chocolate always seems to make things better." He held the mug out to you; You placed your hand in your pocket willing to pay him.

"Don't worry about it; I got to meet a beautiful girl tonight."

You blushed at his comment and took the hot chocolate from his hand and smiled at it, taking in the sweet cocoa aroma.

You both talked to each other for a few hours, the amount of hot chocolate you had consumed would be enough to send you to sleep. You smiled once more looking towards Seán as he slipped another cup towards you.

"Are you sure?" You questioned.

"Of course, just do me a favor?"

You tilted your head. "Yeah anything, especially for what you've done for me."

He slid a piece of paper across the table. "Ring that number when you feel like this, They're a hot line, You can tell them all your problems when you need to, they'll always be there for you. There is always light at the end of the tunnel" He smiled.

You glanced at the number, adding it to your contacts nodding towards Seán. You both stood up and walked outside.

"Well this is where we depart, I hope you'll talk to them if you need to, don't want to see you up here on your own again." He walked over gently taking you in his arms hugging you. You were shocked but gently hugged him back. You smiled and nodded walking off in the direction the two of you came in.

You walked straight across the bridge smiling to yourself. You paused for a moment and stood looking back at the bridge.

"I love you, mum."

You walked back to the house you and your ex-had got together. You opened the door and walked in the room that he sat in, he looked towards you, tears in his eyes. You sighed and glared towards him.

"Get out..."

He stood up and began to make his way over to you.

"No... Get out before I call the police..."

"You wouldn't do that."

"Who pays the rent..."

"I said I'm sorry."

"Oh and guess what? Aww, babe. Get the fuck out my house..." You scowled. "I'll send your stuff around in a bin..."

You dragged him to the door and pushed him out. "Oh and tell your slag friend... Merry Christmas." With that, you slammed the door.

A few days later, regret washed over you; you started to feel the same way as you did a few nights ago. You remembered what Sean had said and nodded firmly to yourself grabbing your phone. Yours scrolled through the contacts until reaching the number Sean had given you. You pressed the green button and waited.

Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt "Hello this is Seán."

Your eyes widened, you begun to smile, hearing his voice at the end of the phone made your heart flutter.

"That's smart."

"Y/N? Is that you?"

"Yeah, Hey Seán" You laughed weakly.

"How about we meet up at that cafe again?"

"Yeah, that'd be lovely."

You had found the 'Light at the end of the tunnel' and it was Sean.

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