A mermaids daughter

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Hunter’s POV

I couldn’t believe this, me of all people she decided to send, and to top it off it was my birthday! Like I really wanted to spend my birthday on shore with all those dirty land walkers.

K so before you asked I’m just going to tell you, I’m a mermaid, or I guess technically im a merman. It was my nineteenth birthday and for some screwed up reason I was chosen to go and collect the queen’s daughter who had been living on shore as a human for the past seventeen years. Apparently she turned 18 in a week and if I didn’t get her in the water by then she would get really sick and probably die.

Okay not probably, she would die.

To top it off her had no idea was a mermaid or a princess, so I had the joy of filling her in on everything.

I highly doubted she would believe me, after all, I would be wearing legs and couldn’t actually show her the truth without her freaking out and running away from me.

The only upside to this was that she lived in Malibu, so I was hoping she was hot and new where to party.

Rose’s POV

“Rose hurry up or we are going to miss the waves!” Alana called from downstairs

“Coming!” I shouted from my room as I did up the top of my bright red bikini

My name was Rosalie Marten, top surfer, swimmer, and pretty much anything to do with water in our school. I lived in Malibu and I lived for the water, my friend Alana and I were about to go surfing, which was why she was screaming at me, had been feeling sick all morning so I was being slower than usual.

“Again?” Alana asked as I came down the stairs.

Alana had dark skin that shimmered in the sunlight and black hair that I swear was the prettiest hair in the world. Right now she was staring at me with slight concern.

“Yeah” I said “I just don’t feel well”

“maybe you’re like diabetic or something” Alana commented as we grabbed our surf boards and headed down to the beach, a gave her a side long glance.

“I’m not diabetic” I argued, Alan shrugged

Out on the beach we were greeted by a group of boys, including my boyfriend, Chase.

“Hey there pretty girl” He said with a grin, wrapping his perfectly tanned arms around me and kissing me sweetly, when he pulled back there was a giant grin on my face.

“Hey sexy” I said “Ready for some waves?”

Chase laughed and ran a hand through his hair

“Not today babe” He said, his grin still in place “I promised the guys I would play a game of volleyball with them” He ran his hands down my hips “But I sure wouldn’t mind watching you”

I felt my insides turn warm at his touch, I curled up against him and kissed his neck

“Get a room” Alana’s boyfriend, Troy said, even though he was holding my friend just as tightly.

With a final kiss to Chase, Alana and I ran out into the water, laughing and shrieking as the cool water hit our bare legs. As soon as I was waist deep in the water I was already beginning to feel better in the water, it was like I was made for it, it just felt right.

We paddled out into the ocean until we were far out enough to catch some decent waves. When I finally felt comfortable I stood up on my board and let the water take me away.

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