🦕 Introduction 🦕

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Greetings Readers:

So if you didn't already know, I am Vee, If you have been reading/following since the beginning, you will know my real name, if not, no matter, I may reveal it again at some point.

So, before you request I have some rules.

Have to be following. (I may let it slip, but following is free come on...)

Please either DM me your requests. Or write them here.

Request information must include

Occupation of Character
Occupation of You
Age ranges
Simple Plot

Update Status: Slow, but I doing songfics which are shorter so, feel free to ask for one.

Request Status: Open, but slow, I can take them in but can't complete them until others are done. That's just how this kind of stuff works

Whats The Point? 🌼 JackSepticEye

It's Not A Fling 🌼 Koro-Sensei

I'm Kira 🌼 Light Yagami

Scare PewDiePie 🌼 PewDiePie

Water Under The Bridge 🌼 Dan Howell

Tour 🌼 Cody Carson

End Of Time 🌼 Tenth Doctor

Secrets 🌼 Booker DeWitt

Noir 🌼 Hiccup

Sorry Love 🌼 Atlas

Betrayal 🌼 Atlas

Formation 🌼 Yuuri Katsuki

Protection 🌼 Jack

Denial 🌼 Alois

I'm Sorry 🌼 Markiplier

Lutece 🌼 Booker DeWitt

Wisp 🌼 Yato

Wires 🌼 Rhys

Cameo 🌼 Atlas

First Aid 🌼 Kaneki

Hologram 🌼 Jack

Clarity 🎶 Jack

True Love 🎶 Rin

Schizophrenia 🌼 Cody Carson

My Son 🌼 Alec

Hunter 🌼 Jack

Jealousy 🌼 Koro-Sensei

Pretty Thing 🌼 Kilgrave

Lifeless 🌼 Cody Carson

You Came 🌼 Cody Carson

Bloodbath 🌼 Negan 🌼 N°1

No More 🌼 Patrick

Negan 🌼 Bloodbath 🌼 N°2

Your Guardian 🌼 Draco

Miss Dixon 🌼 Negan 🌼 N°1

He's changed 🌼 Atlas

Should Have Known 🌼 Cody Carson

Missing 🌼 Rhys

My Raptors 🌼 Owen Grady

My Group 🌼 Negan

Blonde Bitch 🌼 JD

A Little Wicked 🎶 Jack

How Could You 🌼 Jack

Cupcake 🌼 Jack

Silent Cries 🌼 Cody

Hyperion 🌼 Jack

Miss Dixon 🌼 Negan 🌼 N°2

The Kingdom 🌼 Jesus

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