~Of Mornings and Lies~

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"Bill, if you have no other place to go, you can stay at the shack with me." Dipper and Bill were now standing on the ground by the porch of the shack. Bill turned to face Dipper and smiled slightly. "What would you ever tell Stan?" Bill yawned and stretched his arms out. Dipper thought for a second, biting his lower lips, which were getting pale and chapped from the cold outside. "I'll tell him you're a friend of mine. You just cant let him know that you're you, okay? So that means no calling me 'Pine Tree', at least not in front of Grunkle Stan." Dipper shoved his hands into his pockets to keep them warm. "Yeah, okay Dipper." Bill smiled and walked up to the door of the shack and Dipper followed behind him, opening the door and walking in. 

"Who's this kid?" Stan looked questioningly at the blonde teenage boy standing alongside Dipper. "This is my friend.. Will." Dipper lied quickly without a second thought and walked a little faster towards the stairs. "Is he spending the night?" Stan looked back to his shelves, which he was filling with more super-glued trinkets and glass eyes. "Uhm yeah. Were going to bed." Dipper said as he walked quickly up the flights of stairs, gesturing for Bill to follow. Bill waved to Stan  once without saying a word as he climbed up the stairs behind Dipper. Dipper walked into his room and then immdeiatley face-palmed. "I forgot.. Bill.. Youre gonna have to sleep in my bed with me unless you wanna sleep on the floor, and I dont think you wanna do that so.." Dipper looked down, blushing lightly. Bill just smiled softly and laughed a little. "Thats fine." Bill responded and Dipper simply nodded. He turned around to find some pajamas to wear and some for Bill. He tossed Bill a plain white t-shirt and some pajama pants. Dipper found a black t-shirt and some pants for himself and told Bill where the bathroom was so he could change. Once Bill left the dusty attic room, Dipper was taking of his shirt when Mabel busted into his room. "Gah! What the heck, Mabel?" Mabel had a quirky smile on her face. Being 16 now, her hair had grown a little longer but now she wore it back in a high ponytail. She still had her headbands and her sweaters, but luckily she had gotten her braces removed. Currently she was wearing a blue t-shirt and some black shorts. "Who was that?" she asked, obviously trying not to laugh. "Why does it matter?" Dipper asked back, crossing his arms across his chest. "Well.. is he your new boyfriend?" Mabel asked, her eyes practically sparkling. Dipper blushed deeply and looked away. "No! He's just a friend thats sleeping over. Now if you leave, I have to get changed." Dipper shut the door in Mabels face and locked it. He heard Mabel giggling uncontrollably as she ran down the stairs to her bedroom. He sighed and changed into his pajamas, then he heard Bill knock. "Can I come in yet?" Dipper opened the door and nearly died. Bill looked adorable with his hair messed up and the white t-shirt hanging loosely and the pajama pants covering the tops of his feet because they were so long. He stepped aside to let Bill in and he sat on the bed. Dipper gently closed the door and went and got into bed, facing the wall. He felt Bill get under the sheets next to him. He smiled and closed his eyes, falling asleep.

The next morning, his face cuddled up next to a warm body and his arms were wrapped around them. He whined and stretched. Then he suddenly realized what was going on and he practically flew into the wall behind him. Bill laughed as he watched Dippers face go red. Bill had already awoke, and he was leaning on his shoulder with his head resting in his hand, looking at the small chestnut-haired male cuddle into him sleepily. "Good morning, sleeping beauty, did you get a good nights sleep~?" Bill laughed slightly and Dipper couldnt help but laugh himself. The morning sun shone through the window, illuminating Bills messy blonde hair. "I did because you were here." Dipper said tiredly and softly.

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