An Enjoyable Run In. Part 63

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5th January 2017 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited. ( 16/02/17   I had to do a little editing to correct a few things. Hope it sounds much better the second time reading it.)

Sarah's POV...

We were enjoying our lunch when we heard the sound of a grating fire truck burst into our sphere of hearing.

At least that's what Bella muttered when Angela and her friends walked in the door. She has two extra lackey's with her this time including the jackass himself. One woman older and one about the same age as us. And as usual, the stupid bitch has to forget the last time that we had a run in. In this very cafe too, it was. It seems Mr Duggan remembered and tried to help Angela and her cronies to go somewhere else for lunch.  

But as usual, Angela does what Angela wants and I was so going to enjoy this next run in.

" Well, well, well. We haven't seen you pathetic lot around lately, thank goodness. It's been a right pleasure not having to smell the stench you so called ladies give off." Angela threw herself right into it without even batting an eyelash. 

" That's because we were out of the country visiting family, you abortionist." Jen simply said as she wiped her mouth with her napkin after having just finished her lunch.

" Huh." Was Angela's only response which had Jen smirking across at me at how dense headed Angela was. 

I didn't recognise the ladies she had with her so I can not judge them just because they had the unfortunate mishap of being with Angela at this particular point in time. But I have to warn them none the less anyway. 

" Excuse me. We haven't met. I haven't seen you around before. I'm Sarah.." I was abruptly cut off by the older woman who had suddenly gotten a face on her that looked like she sucked on a lemon. 

" We've heard all about you from Angela. You and your friends ought to be ashamed of yourselves causing her the problems and stress she's put up with for years." The older woman said to me in what can only be described as a snotty tone of voice. 

" Really? And you are?" I asked the lady in a quiet and calm voice. One that sounded cold if you knew me, which Jen and Bella did by now. 

" I'm Helena Duggan. Carlson's mother and future mother in law to Angela Frisque. This is my daughter Cassandra." The snotty woman said as she stood there sneering at us while introducing her very quiet daughter. One who just stood there not saying a word or even expressing herself very much at all either.

" I did tell you the last time you came around abusing us I would have you charged, didn't I Angela?" I asked her with a small smile which really wasn't a smile at all.

Carlson might have realised what was about to happen, but the other three so-called ladies should have as well. 

" Carlson, it's come to my attention that Angela has been causing problems at my centres. I warned you what would happen if she did. You didn't listen to me, did you?" I asked him very calmly but in a clear voice so he could hear me. 

" I beg your pardon. I don't think you have anything to say to my son about his business. You should be minding your own young lady." The older Mrs Duggan interrupted me to say.

I really pity her. But then she does remind me of Angela who might and probably will turn out like her one day soon. She has a good start, Angela does at the moment. 

" Excuse me for a moment. I need to make a phone call." I said as I reach into my bag for my phone not moving away at all to make this phone call. 

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