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Pen Your Pride

Rikishi pulled up to Jey's house and got out. He knocked on the door and Jaciyah got up from his chair in the kitchen at the table. He walked towards the door and unlocked it. He opened it and saw Rikishi.

Jaciyah: Grandpa!

Rikishi picked him up.

Rikishi: Hey, buddy, how you doin'?

He went into the house. He kicked the door closed behind him and locked it. They went into the kitchen and hugged each other.

Jaciyah: I'm doin' good, is Jaylynn with you?

Rikishi: No, not right now, but I'ma try to get her, tonight, where's your father, I need to talk to him.

Jaciyah: Daddy, grandpa is here!

Jey walked down the stairs. He walked towards them and Rikishi put Jaciyah down.

Jey: Hey, dad, Jaciyah, go upstairs, and finish your homework.

Jaciyah: Okay, bye, grandpa, tell Jaylynn I said hey.

Rikishi: Okay, buddy, I will, see ya later.

Jaciyah: See ya later, grandpa.

He went upstairs to his room to finish his homework.

Jey: So, you saw the twins?

Rikishi: Yes, I did, Jayvynn told me that her and Jaylynn are adopted by a man who goes by the name Machete, he abuses them, beats them, neglects them, rapes them, and cages them up for no reason at all, I've seen the bruises, scars, and marks on'em, Jayvynn wants to be saved, she's glad to find out who we are, but Jaylynn isn't, she didn't show it when I saw her not too long ago, why did you lie to me, son?

Jey: I wasn't ready to have any kids, yet, and neither, was T'Kecia.

Rikishi: But you was ready to have Jaciyah.

Jey: We were gonna get married, dad!

Rikishi: Do you know what you have done, you did what I hate, you gave up your daughters for adoption, they're sufferin' because of you guys, because of the decision that you guys made, if you couldn't take care of'em, you could've given them to me, your father, their grandfather, I've got Jayvynn at my house, right now, she doesn't wanna see anybody, but her sister, Jaylynn, you've gotta lotta explainin' to do to these girls, cause, basically, they don't know where they're comin' from!

Jey: I did what was best for them, we did what was best for them.

Rikishi: No, son, no, you guys did what was best for you, I'm not stupid, you know what, you need to do, you need to talk to Jaylynn and Jayvynn, and you need to get'em back before somethin' bad happens to'em, I'll be at home, if you need me.

Jey: Dad, I'm sorry.

Rikishi: Tell that to your daughters.

He walked out of the house. Jey watched him go and Rikishi left the house.

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