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Pen Your Pride

Wednesday, October 15th. Solofa "Rikishi" Fatu was outside of Jefferson High School talking to Jayvynn while she was on her lunch break.

Rikishi: Does anybody know that I'm talkin' to you?

Jayvynn: I kept you a secret, what are you, I mean, besides a former wrestler.

Rikishi: I'm your grandfather, I wanted to come by, and take you, and your sister, Jaylynn, out for lunch, I'll tell your father.

Jayvynn: You know Machete, that's my father.

Rikishi: No, no, Jey Uso is your father, you don't live with him?

Jayvynn: No, me and Jaylynn live with Machete, we're adopted.

Rikishi: What happened to your arms, and your neck?

Jayvynn started crying.

Jayvynn: He, he abuses us, he beats us, he neglects us, and he rapes us for no reason at all, he gets mad at us for the smallest things, and not to mention, he cages us up, I can't stay there anymore, we can't stay there anymore, he buried us alive in the backyard one night after shootin' us with corvettes, he knows that they'll stop us from runnin', and they'll knock us out, you've gotta save us, please.

Rikishi started hugging her. They held onto each other and a tear rolled down Rikishi's cheeks.

Rikishi: It's okay, it's okay, everything's gonna be okay, just get in the car.

Jayvynn: But what about Jaylynn, I can't leave without her.

She looked at him.

Rikishi: We'll come back for her, where is she?

Jayvynn: She's swimmin', right now, in the school's pool.

Rikishi: Okay, we'll come back for her.

They got in his car. They drove away. At 3:15p.m., everybody started leaving the school except the teachers and Jaylynn was walking her friend, Elaina Hunnicutt, to her car.

Elaina: I'm worried about you, Lynn, I'm worried about you and Jayvynn, you need to get outta that place, you need to get help.

Jaylynn: Elaina, look, don't worry about us, me and Jayvynn will be fine.

Elaina: No, you won't, wake up, Lynn, you won't, I know what goes on in that house, Jaylynn, and it's not safe for you guys, not anymore, it's not, you've gotta tell the caseworkers what's really goin' on in that house, you can't just keep on coverin' up for him.

Jaylynn: He'll kill us, if we don't, especially, me, have a nice day, Elaina.

She walked away. Elaina watched her go and got in her car. She drove away and Jaylynn started walking home. Rikishi drove towards her and pulled beside her.

Rikishi: You need a ride?

Jaylynn: No, I'm okay.

Rikishi: Jaylynn, we need to talk.

He stopped his car. He got out and she looked at him.

Jaylynn: Who're you, and how did you know my name?

Rikishi: I'm your grandfather, and Jey Uso is you and Jayvynn's real father.

Jaylynn: Okay, look, I would love to stay, and chat with you, but I've gotta get home, and I'm an extremely busy young woman.

Rikishi: I see that, I've got your sister, I've got Jayvynn, she's with her real family, now, what happened to your face, neck, and arms?

Jaylynn: I'm a real klutz, I'm very klutzy, and what, you have my sister, give her back to me.

Rikishi: She's not goin' back to that house, she's not gonna be livin' with Machete anymore, and neither, will you, Lynn.

Jaylynn: He's gonna find her, we don't have a father, we don't have a family, all me and Jayvynn have is each other, I will always be Jayvynn's real family, now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get home.

He walked away. He watched her go and got back in his car. He drove away and went to Jey's house.   

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