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Requested by Ijridgy 

Requested by Ijridgy 

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Art by Meldy-Arts

Ah, the sweet smell of angst. Did I say, that I love angst?

-Ezra's POV-

"Stop it!", I yelled. Pryce captured me and Sabine during a supply run. Pryce was now torturing Sabine, by sending electro shocks through her body. Pryce stopped, and looked me. "Will you join us?", she asked me. "And become my assassin?", she added. I kneeled down, and answered, "Yes, my Master." "Ezra, no!", Sabine yelled. "They never loved you, kid. The name Ezra Bridger will never be used, again", Pryce said. I looked at Pryce, and asked, "What will be my name?" "Sicario", she answered. 

I got on my feets, and looked at Sabine. "What will we do with her?", I asked. "We will arrange a meeting. Where we will give her to her rebel friends", she answered. "Ezra", Sabine said. "Traitor", I replied. Pryce planted a hand on my shoulder, and said, "Come, Sicario. Lord Vader will be waiting." I nodded, and left the cell.


-Sabine's POV-

The Ghost landed, and Kanan, Zeb and Hera stepped out. I was cuffed, and standing infront of Pryce, Ezra and some stormtrooper. Ezra pushed me, and said, "Go!" I looked at Ezra. His blue eyes were replaced with yellow. I sighed, and walked towards the crew. I arrived, and Hera hugged me.

Suddenly Pryce yelled, "Sicario, now!" I looked at Ezra. He activated his lightsaber, and ran towards us. Kanan activated his lightsaber, and Zeb got out his Bo-rifle. Ezra force-pushed us, and we fell on the floor.  He used the force, and I moved closer to him. I stopped, and Ezra stood infront of me. 

He rose his lightsaber. "Ezra!", I cried. "Ezra's dead!", he snapped back. "No he's not! Ezra is still in there! The Ezra I learned to like. To accept. To love!", I shouted. His eye color was starting to switch between blue and yellow. "S-Sabine", he said. He rose his lightsaber once  more, and wanted to strike me down. I closed my eyes. "AH!", I heard Ezra scream.

I opened my eyes, and found myself unharmed. I looked at Ezra, and saw his blue eyes. Tears in them. Then I saw, that he rammed his lightsaber through his own stomach. "S-Sorry", he said, before collpasing on the floor. My eyes widened. "Sicario!", Pryce shouted. Chopper used the controls, and shot with the nose-gun at Pryce. 

The shots hit her, and her troopers. I got on my knees, and saw Kanan and Hera kneeling down next to Ezra. Zeb came, and tried to free me from my cuffs. I could finally free myself, and ran to Ezra. I kneeled down, and felt tears streaming down my cheeks. "Ezra", I said, and looked at him. Blood was exiting his mouth.

Suddenly Zeb shouted, "What are you waiting for? Do you want my little brother to die here!?" Kanan picked Ezra up, and me and Hera followed. They planted Ezra inside a bacta-tank, which we should get for the rebellion. Hera took of, and we jumped into hyperspace. 

I sat in the common room. My head was in my hands. "How can Ezra do something like this to me?", I asked myself. Hera walked inside, and saw me. She planted a hand on my shoulder, and said , "Sabine, get some rest." I sighed, and got up. I headed to my room, and laid down.


Ezra was ready to strike me down. Suddenly Kanan yelled, "Sabine, here!" He threw my darksaber towards me. I picked it up, and freed myself from my cuffs. Ezra was lowering his lighsaber, and his eyes were blue. "Traitor!", I yelled, and cut Ezra's hand with my darksaber off. He screamed, and fell on his knees. I stood infront of him. He rose his head, and stared into my eyes.

"S-Sabine", he chocked out. I placed my darksaber on his neck, and cut his neck. His eyes widened, and he tried to breath. I kicked him on his back. I rose my darksaber, and it made contact with his slowly dying body. Again and again. (Kind of a The Last Of Us Reference) "You tried to kill me! You son of a *****", I screamed, and continued to let my darksaber make contact with his body.

Kanan pulled me away, and hugged me. I fell on my knees, and dropped the darksaber. I cried into his arms. "He tried to kill me, Kanan. He wanted to kill me", I sobbed. "It's okay, Sabine. He's dead. You killed him", he said. I let go off him, and looked around.

Zeb and Hera were standing behind Kanan. Their eyes widened. I looked at Pryce, and she also looked shocked. 'He was going to hurt me. I know that', I thought.

~End of the dream~

I woke up. I was sweating, and panting. "This-This dream-", I said. The door of my room opened, and Kanan stood in the door way. "Hey Sabine. I just want to tell you, that Ezra is out of the bacta tank", he said, and left. 'I need to talk with him', I thought, and got out of my bed. 

I got dressed, and walked inside the med-bay. I saw Ezra stitching his wound. "Hey E-Ezra", I greeted. "Hey", he replied, without facing me. He finshed stitching, and got up. I pressed him against the wall, and shouted in his face, "You could have killed me!" "Sabine, I just wanted to protect you", he replied. "I can take care of myself!", I yelled. "No, you couldn't, Sabine! Pryce was torturing you!", he said. "But you could have done something else, instead of joining the empire!", I replied. "What should I have done, instead!? Watching you getting tortured to death?", he said, and grabbed me by my waist. "Don't touch me!", I yelled. "Why? Because you think, that I am going to try to kill you again?", he asked. "Just let me go!", I said. "No", he said, and tightened his grip on me. He then pushed me against the wall. He moved slowly closer. I closed my eyes, and said in a low voice, "Please don't hurt me." 

Suddenly I felt his lips on mine. My eyes widened, and I left go off him. He broke the kiss, and asked , "Did you really think, that I was going to hurt you?" I nodded. He leaned closer, and whispered in my ear, "I would do anything to protect you. But I would never hurt you. I know that." I placed my hand on his cheek, and stroke his twin scar. "I forgot that", I said. He smiled at me, and replied, "But I didn't forget, what you said, before I stapped myself." 

I started to blush. He pressed his forehead against mine, and grabbed my hands. "I love you, Sabine", he whispered. "I love you, too", I said, and kissed him, while we held hands.

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