Chapter 3: Day 1

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Hello my Pretties.

Ok, It's Nico first OFFICIAL day in the infirmary. He 'checked in' in the afternoon noon so I didn't count that day.

Sue Me.

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I'm making a ton in advance so I don't have to stress about updating later.

Currently it's 1/4/17

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So exited! The new Trials of Apollo book is coming out this year!

*people read this 2 years later* "bitch that book is so old"

Well to all you futuristic smart asses.


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Enjoy my crappy fanfic!


Nico POV

Will walks in the room and I can feel my face pale. Will looks skeptically between Jason and I.

Did he hear anything? Oh gods. Kill me.

"I have to go," Jason says and rushes through the door. That traitor. Leaving me behind to be slaughtered.

Will nods goodbye to Jason and turns to me. "I came to give you a check up, since I uh... wasn't able to give you one earlier."

I slowly nod.

He checks my heart beat, blood pressure, stuff like that.

(Can you tell how lazy I am?)

He looks at my wounds and gives me some ambrosia. It taste like the cookies my mom used to make.

I almost cry at the memory ,but then I remember Will is still there and I'm not willing to let my guard down yet. Last night was different.

"Earlier, you- you didn't hear anything did you," I ask nervously. "No," he answers almost to quickly.

"You sure?," I ask raising an eyebrow. Will looks offended ,"You don't believe me?."

"No. I don't." "You don't believe anyone, do you," he mumbles.

Is that what he thinks.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask offended.

"Oh. Nothing," he says nonchalantly.

"Well, sorry if I'm used to being lied to."

He turns around. "When have I ever lied to you? What have I ever done for you NOT to trust me. I have been nothing ,but nice to you. In fact I try to get close to you. I try to be your friend,but you let no one in!"

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