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It was a couple of days later. Your mom letted you to invite Sonja to the house. "So did you make any new friends at your school from the past couple of days?" you mother said. "I did made three new friends." you said. "And they are...." your mom said. "Okadami, kotaki, and Kimizuki." you said (Okadami is a female girl that believes in supernatural things and kotaki is one of your classmate friend that secretly likes you).

"Kimizuki.........that sounds like a weird name." you mom said. "Not like my fathers name." you said. Your father and your mother was divorce because your father was a yandere, he killed other men that was around your mother.

The door bell ranged, so you went to go get it. "Hey Sonja." you said (look at the pic, that's what Sonja is wearing). "Hey (y/n), hello miss (l/n)." Sonja said. "Why hello sonja, you look handsome today." your mom said. Sonja blushed a little. "Thank you ma'am." Sonja said.

"I got these for you." Sonja said as he pulled out a teddy bear from his book bag and gave it to you. "Thank you Sonja." you said. Sonja pulled out a box of a perfume and gave it to your mom. "And this is for you." Sonja said. "Aw your such a sweet heart, he should be your future husband (y/n)." your mom said. Both you and Sonja blushed. "Mom!" you yelled.

The door bell ranged again. You did invite Okadami. "Hey Okadami." you said. (Okadami is wearing this ⬇).

Okadami has purple eyes and short black hair

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Okadami has purple eyes and short black hair. "Hi (y/n). May I come in?" Okadami said. You allowed her in and sees something or someone in the distance looking at you. It looked like what to be was Kimizuki. You closed the door, ignoring who the hell that was and started eating with your friends.

"Thanks for coming Okadami." you said as you were waving bye to Okadami. "So ill see you later (y/n)?" Sonja said. "Yea. Ill see you tomorrow." you said. Sonja left your house and you closed the door.

Sonja's pov

I left (y/n)'s house, and started to walk home. As I was walking, I could hear Someone's foot step. I turned to around to see no one their. I didn't care to none of the less and turned around only to see Kimizuki right there in the middle of the street. "Kimizuki? Is that you?" i said. What I saw was a little light shining off of something. I looked at it a bit closer and I saw a knife in his hand. I stepped backwards, only seeing him walking towards me fast. "Im gonna call the police!!" I yelled. He stopped and looked at (y/n)'s house. He looked at me and turned around to leave.

Next day at school
Your pov

You were putting your bookbag inside your locker and started looking for one of your friends. As you were walking, you see Kimizuki in the distance. "Hey Kimizuki." you said. "Hey (y/n)." Kimizuki said. What you also see in the distance is Sonja looking at Kimizuki scared. Kimizuki looked at Sonja glaring at him. We should go (y/n)." Kimizuki said. "Why?"you said."Because is said so." Kimizuki said as he grabbed your wrist and took you to a class.

"What's going on?" you said. "Nothing." Kimizuki said. "Then why are we in the classroom?" you asked Kimizuki. "Because I need to tell you something about Sonja." Kimizuki said. "What about him." you said. "He's always looking at me when I'm around you, is he jealous?" Kimizuki said. "I don't know." you said. "I thought you were his friend." Kimizuki said. "How do you know that?" you said. "I.........just had a lucky guess." Kimizuki said. "You may go." Kimizuki said. You got out of the classroom and headed to your actual class.
"One day (y/n) will be mine. She doeasnt have a choice"

Hey guys! I'm back with another chapter. While I was writing this, I didn't know what else to put so. I just put random stuff. Pls don't hate it, I didn't know what to put so this is what I have so far. Thank you guys for watching- I mean reading. I'll see you guys later.

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