I M i s s Y o u

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*smut warning*

I spent all morning on this while binge watching gravity falls rt ur goals


Troye knew it was early in America, but he really missed Jacob. His parents and siblings were out so it was just him and Jagga, the family dog. Troye sighed and grabbed his rose gold iPhone that Jacob had bought him off the bed beside him, unlocking it. He opened iMessage and clicked on Jacob's contact.

Troye: I miss you daddy :(

He sighed and relocked the phone, knowing that Jacob was probably sleeping. It surprised him when he got an answer almost right away. 

Jacob: I miss you too baby, what are you up to right now?

Troye smiled.

Troye: I'm just sitting here thinkin about you 💞

Jacob: Is that right? What are you thinking about?

Troye blushed as he thought about what his answer would be. He was thinking about a lot of things, such as Jacob's deep voice, the way Jacob's hands had run through his hair the one time they had gotten to meet in person. Really though, the most prominent thought on Troye's mind was much less innocent than that.

Troye: I'm thinking about how much you would love what I'm wearing right now xx

Troye loved being a tease. He knew that Jacob had school in a few short hours, but he did not really care.

Jacob: oh really? What are you wearing?

Troye: can you skype daddy? I want to show you and hear your voice

Jacob: just let me get my laptop on then I'll call you

Troye squealed in excitement, jumping from his bed and grabbing his laptop, setting up skype so he was ready for Jacob to call. Since his parents were gone Troye had put on makeup. It wasn't that much, just some lipstick and mascara, but troye felt like a complete princess.

Troye could not help the huge smile that broke out across the boy's face as he got a call on Skype and answered it, waving at Jacob the second the camera loaded. "Hi daddy!" he said enthusiastically.

"Hey prince! How are you doing?" Jacob asked, smiling back at Troye.

"I'm doin' okay but I miss you a lot," Troye said with a frown. "Everyone has gone somewhere so I'm all alone right now."

Jacob raised his eyebrows. "Is that right?"

"Mhm! So it's the ideal time to talk to you." Troye's tone was suggesting as a tiny smirk pulled at his red painted lips.

"Is that right? Why don't you show me what you've got on?"

Troye rested his finger on his chin as if he was thinking before shaking his head. "Nah, that should wait."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. We should talk about other things." They both knew full well that Troye was just teasing, just trying to make Jacob wait. Troye laid on his belly and rested his head in his hands, smiling with his teeth as he admired Jacob. "I want to get a kitten."

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