Chapter Two

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After you and Stingy played video games, Stephanie called you on your phone.
"Hey, do you want to bake a cake with me?" She said excitedly.
"Sure! Why not!" You said.
You headed out the door, but a hand on your shoulder stopped you.
"Where are you going, Sweetie?" A voice said. You knew it was Stingy.
"I'm going over Stephanie's house to bake a cake." You said.
It took a while for him to respond.
"Fine. Just don't... never mind." Stingy said.
You walked out of the house, and kissed Stingy on the head.
While you were walking, you couldn't stop thinking about the way he called you "Sweetie".

Stephanie's place

You, Stephanie, and Ziggy were preparing to bake a cake.
"Usually there's more people, but it was on short notice." Stephanie said, looking sad. For some reason, it made you sad.
"Anyways," She continued, quickly perking up, "let's bake that cake!"

After a song and some minutes later

"Don't you think it's beautiful?" Stephanie said.
It was like a wedding cake, except the frosting was pink. It was a pretty simple cake.
"Yes." You said. It was making you hungry.
"Let's eat!" She said. Everyone got a piece and enjoyed it. You decided to take one home for Stingy.
"Stephanie, I have to leave early. I forgot I had to do something at my house." Ziggy said.
"Okay then!" She hugged Ziggy goodbye.
It was just the two of you.
"Hey, Stephanie?" You said.
"What is it?"
"I'm dating Stingy. And when I left his house to come here, he said, 'Where are you going, Sweetie?' It scared me."
"Oh boy," She said. "Stingy's... Obsessive. I remember when this one girl dated him. She got so insane, she jumped off his roof and-"
She suddenly got quiet.
"Died." You said for her.
"Yes. And I don't want that to happen to you. You can't break up with Stingy. He'll go insane and try to kidnap you." She seemed upset.
You hugged her.
"What should I do?" You were upset, too.
"I'm afraid being Stingy's girlfriend is the only way. You'll have to live by strict rules. But I know you'll hate that. You'll have to find some way." She was tearing up.
"Maybe we can get him angry." You said.
"What would that do? He's a serial killer. He will kill anyone if they get in his way."
"But if you truly love someone, you have to let them go." You said.
"That doesn't work for Stingy."
Suddenly, you had an idea.
"Stephanie. I have a plan."

Stingy's POV

I saw Ziggy knocking on my door. I opened it for him.
"Hey, Stingy!" He said. I wondered what he wanted.
"What do you want?" I was too busy thinking about my sweetie. So cute~
"Well, Stingy, I was baking a cake with Stephanie, and there was the most beautiful person I've ever seen." He sighed dreamly.
"Was it Stephanie?" I said. I knew that there was only three people there, Stephanie, Ziggy, and my sweetie.
"No, it was someone else."
That's all I needed to hear.
"Come inside my house, Ziggy."
"Okay!" He said.

After a few minutes

Stingy was still waiting for his sweetie.

His house was the same.

Except there was a head underneath his table.

Ziggy's head.

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